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Thread: a good Quebec indy site?

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    a good Quebec indy site?

    Hey guys, check this site out:

    It features good-looking French-Canadian indies. Some even seem to be porn stars! Could someone please do me a favour and try for me the unbelievable-looking cutie named ''Bianka'', at 300/hour. Thanks .


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    This advertising website has been around for some time. It's an "independant" directory because it is said not to be affiliated with any agency, contrary to other so-called directories such as A Beautiful Adventure or the Montreal Independant Escort Directory which are not only agencies but also Bait & Switch providers.

    On it, you will find an ad from Miss Samantha (Samy), a true indy well known on this board. However, many other ads are from SPs working for agencies, including the Bianka you are refering to. So, it's not a listing of independant SPs.

    I don't think there is any photo certification process, so some of these ads may also be Bait & Switch.

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    Lots of B&S at this site

    I agree with LH, there are a lot of bogus ads on this site - tread carefully. Samy, Rachel Madison (Tina Angel) and Lea are all authentic and so are some others but the best way to know for sure is to search for multiple reviews from different merbites. You can also google the telephone numbers to make sure it is real and if it is an agency then search the agency.

    Interestingly, if you look at the pics of Lea of Montreal on this site (second row in the middle with the blue top), she seems borderline anorexic and they are not as nice as her website pictures. I have a feeling they are old pictures for a lot of women so it is tough to judge how these women look now if you are basing your expectations on these pictures.

    The best independent site I found is and click on independent ladies. Also, make sure the pictures are certified authentic and finally look up the reviews and make sure there are many different sources reviewing. Another so-so site is

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    What about EscortAce? A friend of mine found it

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    Why would you refer us to a site where the SPs profiles are fake and mostly unreachable?

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