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Thread: VIP-6 Spring/VIP-7 Summer Bash/VIP-8 The Great Eight!

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    VIP-6 Spring/VIP-7 Summer Bash/VIP-8 The Great Eight!


    Just back home,

    Merci Beaucoup to you all for coming!
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    Once again, thank you kindly Iggy xX

    I met many interesting new gentlemen at the party which made it quite difficult to leave so early! I hope everyone had a great time!

    See you at the next one!!

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    Always my pleasure ZOE! It means so much to me for the ladies and agencies who support these events that are done exclusively for them, you will always be invited back............ You already have the date for VIP-7 and I hope to see you this summer gorgeous!
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    Just back home,

    Merci Beaucoup to you all for coming!
    VIP-10 A Celebration of Life PM for a invite

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    It was a fun evening meeting up with many old friends and new ladies.
    Indies, and dozens of agency girls, many of them new, were all in abundance.
    Thanks lggy and the VIP helpers for the well organized event.

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    Thanks Iggy and gang. Had a great time with friends new and old.

    Really glad I had the opportunity to say goodbye to Aspen, won't have the chance to see her again before she goes off to more new and exciting adventures.

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    Just my shout out to Iggy, Reverdy and all the team that worked hard to make this party happen!
    Thanks a lot guys!

    I had a good time, met new people, and got a few more names added to my TDL now!
    I was pleasantly impressed with some of the MTLGFE and XO girls.
    It's been years since last time I used MTLGFE services, but I will have to get back to their customer list soon.

    Too bad Euphoria was not there, I had high expectations to meet some of their beauties!

    Smuler, I tried to find you a couple of times, but failed to do so... I will send you a PM so we can "continue" or conversation...


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    Thank you iggy verry nice party and verry nice girl and nice gentlemen .see you at the next party thank.

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    Thanks again Iggy and friends for another fabulous party. Nice to see many old friends and make new ones, and to meet so many beauties.

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    Thank you Iggy for organizing these parties.....i know how much work you put into these parties and I really appreciate it and thankful that i get invited back to these parties.

    I met some great people at your parties that I enjoy hanging out with ..

    Last night event was a blast..

    Hope to see you soon my friend

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    Quote Originally Posted by greygoose View Post
    Last night event was a blast..

    Hope to see you soon my friend
    Sooner than you think

    Best Regards
    Savoir Faire Is Everywhere !!!

    Trying one day to be " In the Know "

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    Another great party! Have I been drinking, or was there quite a number of very sexy ladies? Thanks again to the organizers!
    o . o . b . e

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    It was a great surprise to hear that you were coming to montreal for this week-end....

    I'm glad to call you my friend...

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    Thanks to Iggy, Reverdy, Racer, Phil et al for putting this event together and doing so really on very short notice when another venue cancelled less than 2 weeks ago, leaving these guys to scramble to make new plans. I liked the new venue a lot, as well as the "finger foods" that came around. All circumstances considered it was a very good find.

    It was nice seeing everyone again and especially Aspen, Anastasia, Adrianna Chambres, Leah and Naomi of YPG, who all took home prizes, as well as NYCBadBoy who is one naughty dude (LOL), Special K, Cloudsurf, Doc Holliday, Cobra, Cruiser, Sharkman, and some others whom I spoke to whose names escape me at the moment (including Adrianna's friend). It was also nice to meet Sean of Godiva Escorts who stopped by and introduced himself. He looks like the University of Cincinnati basketball head coach Mick Cronin, who is one of the best coaches in US college basketball.

    I will be back in July with Chercherfemmes and hope we can do this again at that time.

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    Thank you igna it was a great party see you at the next one Xox

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    Thanks Iggy,
    Great to meet so many fellow adventures. Looking forward to the next party. Maybe I won't drive for 5 hours and have a date before the party so I can actually have some energy !!!!

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