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Thread: *Only 9 days left in Montreal! - Lorence Vennes, Elite Courtesan*

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    *Only 9 days left in Montreal! - Lorence Vennes, Elite Courtesan*

    Even though I am Montreal-based, I will be taking off in a little more than a week. If you wish to connect before I leave, the time is now!

    Delicate hedonist, I invite you to come away with me. In our moments together, sensuality will be ours to explore in it’s multi-faceted richness. I am a firm believer in chemistry-laden moments. My day job as a yoga instructor stems from a propensity towards touch as a way of communication. Much in the same way, it is my goal that the time that we share should be centered in the present moment - and in feeling.

    Should we find ourselves at one of Montreal’s finest tables, or in a more intimate setting, you deserve to be the center of my attention. Let’s turn our cellphones off for a short, delicious escape together.

    Life is meant to be savored in good company.

    Let’s live more

    Butterfly kisses,

    Mlle Lorence


    (text messages are preferred!)

    I host in Downtown Montreal, near Bonaventure subway station

    Born in 1990


    125 lbs

    Hazel Eyes, filled with passion

    Tender 34B

    Size 8 shoe

    Que notre rencontre se fasse en explorant les rues du Vieux Montréal, en partageant un repas à l'une des bonnes tables que la ville a à nous offrir ou encore dans un cadre plus intime, nous prendrons ensemble des vacances de la routine.
    Viens faire pétiller mon regard, viens qu'on se découvre et qu'on perde la tête…
    Je suis une amante taquine, qui adore prendre du plaisir aux jeux de séductions coquins. Entre dans mon monde, je t'attends.

    Lorence Vennes

    Les SMS (textos) sont préférés


    1h - 240 - merb special 220
    1h30 - 320 - merb special 280
    2h - 420 - merb special 360
    3h - 640 - merb special 500

    Veuillez noter que l'échelle des tarifs est construite de façon à favoriser de plus longues rencontres. Je préfère prendre mon temps lorsque je suis en bonne compagnie.
    Please note that my donations reflect the fact that I favor longer encounters. I enjoy my time spent in good company, and do want to take my time

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