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Thread: habs sens april 10th

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    habs sens april 10th

    pm me i need 2 tickets please

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    Quote Originally Posted by G1GBallday

    Is it safe to buy there?
    Have you tried before ?
    If yes , results

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    300 bux per ticket for a descent seat is not an option

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    I agree. There are tons of places like this one, and somehow they pretty much all have the same tickets avail and prices that matches ... strange ! heh.

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    has anyone ever troed the scalpers and if so what were they asking for a good seat

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    scalpers pretty much ask double the original price... But if you try to go to a game vs Toronto, Ottawa, Pittsburgh... they might ask even more... You can always try to negociate, and if you get there right before the game starts, some will get despreat and sell cheaper! You will end up paying more than its actual written value but youll be at the game!

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    You can also try Ebay! You can get tickets for "cheap"! Plus, if the tickets are already in montreal and you are able to move around, you can ask to meet the guy in person to see if they are legit, and you wont pay a shipping fee!

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