Well after a very long break from the biz and the boards I am back. Wow, how things have changed. I hardly recognize any of the posters/johns or the agencies/pimps anymore. Even all the mods are new. Well at least all the mods that unfairly banned me, are all gone. That’s a plus, LOL. I am back because I am in need of some prime pussy as my favorite thing is dinner at the y. I would rather eat them for hrs then get a bj. I look at the pics from today’s agencies and all the pictures are so photo shopped that it is disturbing. Based on the photos you would think all the girls were super models(LOL) Come on agencies, show real untouched photos so the general knows if he is getting prime pussy or not. Back in my heyday of being a john I used eleganza a lot because he used real photos that weren’t photo shopped to death and you had a good idea of what you were getting before they showed up. I loved his agency. He brought so many top girls into the biz like Jessie,Emanuelle and Gianna just to name a few.I used to let Gianna sit on my face for hrs at a time. Oh the memories, that was fine dining at it’s best.