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Thread: Would you be your little sister's booker/manager/driver?

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    Would you be your little sister's booker/manager/driver?

    This is a real story that bothered me for a long time. I once met a SP whose (half-) brother was her booker/driver/manager.

    Would you be comfy driving your little sister to an appt being banged by some guy with a huge member, with her pussy feeling sore for the next few days?

    I have no problem f*ucking someone else's sister, wife, or mother, but I probably don't want someone else to f*uck my sister, wife or mother. Yeah, it's a double standard.

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    The general doesn't mind eating someone else's sisters pussy but the general wouldn't be happy if his sister was renting her pussy out to be eaten. That may seem to be a double standard but you would have to be a bit twisted to want your sister to be involved in the biz let alone drive her to a call. This is deeply, deeply disturbing!!!!

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    Hello all

    Some situations in life asks for big compromise .
    This anecdote will show it .
    I have a young lady calling for a job she is in her late twenties a spinner ,5'2" 105 lbs ,married ,she does give plenty of information .
    She has 3 young kids and her husband was working at GM Boibriand and got cut off for lack of production .

    There house will be coming in forecloser soon, if they not get on track paying the mortgage .

    Desperate times ,desperate measures.

    To get more money the husband asked me if he could be hired I said yes of course ,he wanted to be the only one bringing his wife on calls .

    Without knowing before hand the very bad financial situation they where in ,I wouldn't have accepted .
    Sometimes in life aren't they less worst scenario ?



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    I've spoken about this in the past. One time a booker called me and asked me to do him/she a favor. He/she had a new girl and they wanted me, a veteran of the hobby, to take her for an introductory 'spin'. Her initiation to the 'hobby', as you could say. I already was supposed to see someone later, but i decided to go for it since the offer was too enticing to refuse.

    The girl was in her late 20's and fairly attractive. She was quite nervous at first, but calmed down after 10 minutes of getting to know one another over a glass of wine or two. But what made this particular 'date' memorable was that nearly 3/4 into the hour and once we both had achieved our respective orgasms, she asked me if she could use my phone to make a phone call. To my great shock, the phone call was to her husband. She told him everything had gone very well and that she had a great time.

    It turns out that as a birthday gift to her husband, she agreed to work as an escort for that one time. That was his wish, as crazy as it sounds. After she showered and left, the booker called me back and was laughing as hell!!! I was thanked for being a good trooper and i replied that if it ever happens again, i'd like to be warned in advance. When i was asked if i would have agreed to do it had i known in advance, i admitted that i probably would have refused. So i guess it was a good thing that i was caught by surprise. Unfortunately, i never heard of that girl again. I was likely only a one-time/one-client type of thing.

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    Always enjoyed reading the tales of Doc Holliday.

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    I knew a well-known indy who had her twin sister work as her booker for a little while.
    She is still my ATF, and I told her if they were to do duos, they would break the industry.

    She thought about it and even asked her sister about it but incest isn't a light subject for everyone.

    If it did happen, I would have been the first!

    They were gonna pick rhyming names haha.
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