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Thread: Salon de massage recherché pour tournage / Massage parlor wanted for film shoot $$$

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    Salon de massage recherché pour tournage / Massage parlor wanted for film shoot $$$

    Bonjour à tous,

    Ce message s'adresse à l'ensemble de la communauté Merb : clients, SP, annonceurs... Nous préparons le tournage d'un court-métrage sur l'univers des salons de massage érotique. C'est un film qui tente de représenter le travail du sexe de façon plus réaliste et nuancée que ce à quoi les médias nous habitue, mettant en vedette Sandrine Bisson.

    Nous sommes à la recherche d'un salon de massage ou d'un ancien salon de massage en guise de lieu de tournage pour le film. Nous disposons du financement de la SODEC et du Conseil des arts, nous sommes donc disposé à compenser financièrement le salon ou le propriétaire du local pour la période de tournage.

    Toute aide serait fort appréciée et n'hésitez pas si vous avez la moindre question.

    Geneviève Gosselin-G., productrice
    [email protected]


    Hi everybody,

    We are preparing a short fiction film based on the Montreal MP scene. It's a movie that tries to draw a more subtle and realist portrait of the scene, and will star Sandrine Bisson.

    We are looking for a salon or an ex-salon as shooting location. We have received official financing from SODEC and Conseil des arts, so there is money down the line for whoever is willing to rent us their space/salon.

    Any help in finding a space would be greatly appreciated and, please, do not hesitate if you have any questions.

    Geneviève Gosselin-G., producer
    [email protected]

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    I would imagine you are looking for a stereotypical massage parlor and not some run down dump.

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    If ur looking for a typical place, the royal spa on queen Mary
    Has a sketchy entrance but once up the elevator of doom and through the doors, its actually quite nice.

    For high end spot, secretspa, entrance is very obvious, very very nice inside

    Massage kama, entrance is somewhat discreet, cozy environment, dark decorations

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    Unclesam doesn't own a MP

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    Ahh, that's what you think.

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    The problem isn't necessarily finding a nice place, but instead getting the owners to cooperate.

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    No one will shut down to allow a movie crew to take over the place. It will cost too much in lost clients. The most logical place is a shut down massage place.

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