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* Taking bookings for next week *
Text me for booking and information - 514-605-0857

We are courtesans of the highest ability and deepest compassion. We thrive on adding value to the lives of couples in Montreal by using sexual healing to deepen their connection and reinvigorate their lives.


Sunday 17:00-23:00

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We specialise in Ménage à trois of all kinds! Wether you are:
* A couple looking for a man
(straight or bi)
* A couple looking for a woman
* A man looking for 2 women
* A man looking for a couple

We also specialise in BDSM-KINKY-FETISH requests
Everything out of the ordinairy!!!

Unicorns are magical creatures that come from a world where everything is possible!!

Have you ever wanted to tie a woman up and have your way with her?
You can spank her, flog her, insult her, humiliate her...

Our agency does not do regular one-on-one GFE (there has to be a BDSM-kinky-Fetish related demand)