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Thread: New acronym, ymwbto vs ymmv ?

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    New acronym, ymwbto vs ymmv ?

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    I know that ymmv, since SPs are not robots.

    However, from my own experience, ymmv turned into ymwbto (your mileage will be the opposite), if you will.

    All the posted best SPs here are generally my worst experiences.
    All the worst SPs posted here are my best experiences ever.

    Ymmv connotes something like 20 to 30% variation at the most between encounters.

    ymwbto is more correct since it summarized my experiences correctly.

    So from now on, may be we should use the acronym ymwbto ?

    What do you all think ?

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    What about this new acronym:


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    I have to say, that's quite retarded.

    How am I supposed to expect that the next person will have a completely opposite experience?

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    ...can only bite your tongue for so long.

    Going forward...whenever I see a thread posted by NY I will skip and save myself some time. This post is consistant with his previous junk posts which have been called out by other members.

    Give it up dude

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    But using the word opposite is misleading. It might have been opposite for you, but how can you ensure that it will be opposite for any other hobbyist. That is why may vary suites it best because no matter how you slice it, it will vary. Meaning they will be different, but not nessecarily opposite.

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