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Thread: Vanity Fair Sugar Baby Article

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    Vanity Fair Sugar Baby Article

    This just came out and it is in a very mainstream publication.

    I thought about putting it in the U.S. articles thread, but one of the quoted ladies is from Montreal.

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    Great article. I like the feminists take on this. Like the one who said it will cause a ripple effect on woman's rights or something like this:

    ...elicited an outcry from some feminists, who charged that it minimized the voices of women who have been trafficked, exploited, or abused

    I also like when some of the babies gave reasons as to why this is so popular "Greed" one of the gay guys said. The want of designer clothing and nice things. The babies discovered that "sugaring" is a convenient way to have nice things that the marketers say that need to have. Think about it. There is a safety net of welfare and food stamps and the more shiftless you are in this world the more you will get from the government as a hand out for doing nothing at all. But if you want to wear designer clothing and carry a Gucci handbag and go on expensive vacations and drive cars that are a symbol of status etc. you better have a skill. I have always said, if you do not want your daughter to become a SP than have your daughter grow up to be a tech-guy/gal like the one that they describe in the article or a captain of industry. But, if you pursue a degree in the Social Sciences than the message is clear: After your 4-8 year left-wing indoctrination period at the University is over, you will go out into the real world without a marketable skill and potentially tens of thousands of dollars of debt. If you want nice things that the marketers have convinced you that you need than you better get the web cam out or grease up that a-hole or convince yourself that you like the taste of cum etc. because you have no marketable skill.

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    There are some interesting social issues at hand, none of which of course are discussed in the psychobabble nonsense that authors present in articles written by women that are targeted for other women and gay men.

    The author asserts that sugar babying is a very prevelant and increasing trend among female college students and they earn very significant cash that they consider to be gifts.

    Notably absent are the opinions of straight college men. Are they ever pissed about this? Does it increase the trend of relatively more women than men pursuing advanced degrees? It would be interesting to hear the opinions of scholars who have written books such as "The End of Men"

    Maybe the straight college guys rather like it. Maybe the chicks have a lot of spending money and are always buying the pizza and beer. Interesting that the poor guy (likely baby daddy) who drives the backpage hooker around is viewed as a pimp and a leech, but the college boyfriend of the sugar baby would not be viewed the same if she pays for things. I am always fascinated in the U.S. when two people do the same thing but are viewed entirely differently because of social status. Same for johns. The guy who books a $400 an hour escort is viewed differently than the truck driver picking up a woman at the truck stop often referred to as a lounge lizard.

    Personally, I have never been a fan of the sugar baby system, preferring the true escort system But I do believe a lot of hot younger girls in the U.S. are choosing the sugar baby route.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patron View Post
    It would be interesting to hear the opinions of scholars who have written books such as "The End of Men"
    Agree. I have lots of respect for Hanna Rosin, she does her research and calls it like it is, however unpopular with women who play the victim card and men too misinformed and insecure to deal with the realities of their situation.

    Hanna takes a positive viewpoint of hookup culture (in Boys on the Side) because of its empowerment of young women, and sugarbaby lifestyle can be seen as an extension of that, it's still women ultimately doing the choosing. The End of Men though, could have easily been called The End of Middle Class Men. I assume Hanna would agree that wealthy guys are doing just fine, as this sugar daddy article alludes to despite the adolescent body-shaming language used to describe some of them and asking the handsome one the stupidest six word sequence ever put together.. "why do men pay for sex".

    Totally admire that picture though, those things would make even JoeTits blush.

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    Excellent articles Pope. I read a few of them. I like the one entitled Having Sex on a College Campus is Impossible. If a girl has regret she will eventually be steered to help groups and consular's that will turn into a victim and finally a survivor. Meanwhile, the male has to worry about being expelled for the next four years. The author compared it to the repressed memory psychobabble of the 80's. Now that really struck a cord with me because I mentioned the similarities between the repressed memory syndrome and the witch hunts that turn regret into rape on the college campuses today.

    Patron - you mentioned that the article that you attached left out the perspective of the college male. How does the college aged male feel about the sugar babies? He most likely has no idea that this is going on. I still think that Sugaring may be a growing phenomenon it is still probably a small percentage of the population in the US. I am very close with several 20 something y.o. men. And each one has a very different perspective. The one I am closest to has confided in me several times about marriage and has recently split up with his long time, on-and-off girlfriend. For awhile there he was going to marry her because he thought it was the right thing to do. But he has Tinder and he is having great luck getting all the free sex that he needs on Tinder. So I asked him why should he marry? Tinder and this guy is like me going through the Montreal escort web sites and finding several girls to sleep with except I have to pay at the end of the night and he does not. So why marry? He agreed and ended it. None of these guys are aware of Sugar Daddies.

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    It is possible that my thoughts were overly analytic, Hungry, and I realize that trying economic predictions is the ultimate folly, but the comment in the article suggesting that sugar babying in some form is very common amongst college women picqued my interest and made me wonder what the sex market will look like a generation of two from now. It is a statistical fact that more women are obtaining more bachelor, masters, post-graduate, and college professional degrees than men, the highest paying jobs are going to the best educated, and education costs a lot of money. To the extent the valuable patch of real estate between a girl's legs can be rented during her years of being educated, that is quite the advantage over the straight guy trying to pay for his education. I am not one to hold back women in any way, so this does not trouble me. It merely intrigues me.

    I think if would be fair to say that the bulk of spending on sex work is done by guys 40-90, although as I have said many times, I have no issue with guys 18-40 being johns. It is fair to say that the current group of 40-90 year old men entered the workforce when men were clearly favored over women as workers, and they disproportionately entered professional and technical fields that have proven lucrative. It is fair to say that a disproportionately large portion of the world's current wealth is in the hands of 40-90 year old men.

    I roll this forward and put the current group of 1-40 year old guys into the 40-90 year old age range and I am curious as how the sex market will look when we are dead. Will that group of guys have the accumulated wealth and liquidity to buy a lot of commercial sex? Perhaps the percentage of the population that are johns and sex workers is simply too small for distortions to matter.

    Economists have long argued that the best way to reduce the size and scope of the commercial sex market is for women as a group to earn the same or relatively more than men, instead of idiotic laws and nonsense public morality. It would be interesting and ironic if the a Sugar Baby system contributed to that exact result.

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    Vanity Fair article

    Came across an interesting article on Vanity Fair:

    It's basically about how sex work is becoming more normal among our younger generation, and that they even distance themselves from using the term prostitution.

    I thought to post it here because it quotes a college girl named Caitlin, 20, from Montreal.

    prostitution has quietly gone mainstream among many young people, seen as a viable option in an impossible economy and legitimized by a wave of feminism that interprets sexualization as empowering. “People don’t call it ‘prostitution’ anymore,” says Caitlin, 20, a college student in Montreal. “That sounds like slut-shaming. Some girls get very rigid about it, like ‘This is a woman’s choice.’ ”
    Happy reading. More importantly, does anyone know a 20-yr old Caitlin in Mtl? Hahaha

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    First question is why does a male read Vanity fair, stuck in a dentist office? Sorry but this leads to the second part.
    In a dentist office I read a Chatelaine magazine, it said women liked to be woken up oral sex.... Tried that and all I got was gagging and was told to get my dick out of her mouth. Second article said women also liked men to cum on their bodies, tried that also, all I got was screaming and asking who I was and how I got into their bedroom...... All false info, I will stick to field and Stream from now on.
    Enjoy the week.

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    Salty, for a ceusty old German you are real funny bro. lol

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