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Thread: Rose Delacourt, back and ready to fulfill your fantasies

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    Rose Delacourt, back and ready to fulfill your fantasies

    Hey gentlemen! after a couple months hiatus, I'm back and ready to play!

    Do you remember that sweet and pretty neighbor you used to have? Or that classmate who would steal everyone's heart only with her charm? She'd always have that smile inevitably followed by a laugh that would make your heart skip a beat. Now, imagine if that girl were sitting right next to you and instead of being shy, you'd be the one to make her laugh. Then, a little while later, you find yourself alone in a room with her where nobody and nothing else matters but you. What would you do then? Let's find out.

    Hey you, fancy meeting you here . As you probably know by now, I'm Rose Delacourt, but you can just call me Rose. I am 20 years old, passionate about life and I believe that we are meant not only to live, but to thrive. We each have a different way of doing so, but if you ask me, I'd say sports and food and a little (or a lot) of something naughtier pretty much makes me happy. I work out daily and I even ran a half-marathon recently. For that reason, I like meeting gentlemen who value their well-being and their hygiene. I have a lot to offer and I'd love to share my ''joie de vivre'' with you and hopefully bring you a little sunshine in your life. Shall we?

    My gorgeous website here

    AVAILABILITIES - they are going fast, pre-book now

    Tuesday July 19th : FULLY BOOKED
    Wednesday July 20th: FULLY BOOKED
    Thursday July 21st: OFF
    Friday July 22nd : added availabilities 10am to 12pm
    Saturday July 23rd : FULLY BOOKED
    Sunday July 24th : FULLY BOOKED
    Monday July 25th: 2.30pm to 5pm
    Tuesday July 26th: 1.30pm to 5pm
    Wednesday July 27th: 1.30pm to 5pm
    Thursday July 28th: OFF
    Friday July 29th: 10am to 12pm AND 5pm to 9pm
    Saturday July 30th: OFF
    Sunday July 30rst: OFF

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    EXTRA AVAILABILITY: Tomorrow from 3.30pm to 6pm

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