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Thread: dawn lee: downtown nymph & sensual domme - visiting from toronto (special MTL rates)

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    Red face dawn lee: downtown nymph & sensual domme - visiting from toronto (special MTL rates)

    that girl with nothing but depravity on her mind.

    hosting incalls in the plateau neighbourhood (mont royal metro stn) thursday to sunday. outcalls all over montreal. catch me on this rare visit outside of my own city.

    i’ve got a potty mouth and use it well. i lick popsicles in the august heat and bruise my knees thinking about you. i've got a list of all-star reviews that just keep on growing (see the about page on my website).

    special montreal rates listed here, starting at $200/hr.

    email me at [email protected] to pre-book today, follow me on twitter, or visit my website.

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    see you guys tomorrow!

    all special outfit and other requests should be made by tonight! thx xoxo.

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    website/email links fixed

    sorry about that - fixed all my contact links for those who asked (merb edited my ad for me initially, because apparently the rules on MERB are different than on TERB.)

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    i've arrived in montreal. come visit me in the plateau (near mont royal metro station) - i'm staying in a beautiful, air-conditioned studio/loft-style apartment with a hitchcock/rear view voyeuristic overview of st denis.

    email me to book for friday & saturday [email protected].

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    last day for me in this beautiful town. take shelter from the storm with me at my loft in the plateau area. for all info, see my blog: dawnleeTO <3.

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