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Thread: Amelie White - Back and better than ever - NEW DUO PARTNERS - MERB special!

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    Wink Amelie White - Back and better than ever - NEW DUO PARTNERS - MERB special!

    Hello everyone

    After a bit of a hiatus, I have returned, and changed my name in the most geekiest possible way!
    Like gandalf after fighting the balrog, I go from Amelie Gray to Amelie White

    An injury almost forced me to retire, but after taking some time off and fully healing... I just couldn't stay away from my true calling.

    I am starting school soon, and reducing the amount of people I see per week.
    I've always been a low traffic provider at about 10 hours a week, but am now reducing to a maximum of 5 gentlemen per week, and never more than 1 a day

    I much prefer repeat rendez-vous, where we build more and more chemistry and complicity, which makes for much more explosive intimacy IMO

    I am very willing to discuss preferential donations for repeat customers

    For the fine connoisseurs who want the very best, and a true melding of minds and bodies, I offer a special meeting type I call All the love!
    I will only be accepting 2 of these types of rendez-vous a week in order to retain my prime condition and eagerness, for this reason, the donations are a bit higher.

    MERB special donations for All the Love! (please provide merb handle when booking):

    1 hour ............... 350
    90 minutes ........ 500
    2 hours ............. 650

    I also offer amazing times with many of my friends from Indy Companion.
    You can find much more info about each of them here

    Please note that since I take a very limited amount of meetings each week, I require at least 24 hours in advance for a booking, and I ask that you let met know as quick as possible about cancellations. Please note that i am NOT a morning person, which is why i post availability starting at 2pm, but I am open to meeting after 9pm. I do only meet 1 person per day so the times posted are only posted to give leeway for bookings.


    Tuesday August 30th
    2pm to 9pm

    Wednesday August 31st
    2pm to 9pm

    Friday September 2nd
    2pm to 9pm

    Monday September 5th
    2pm to 9pm

    Wednesday September 7th
    2pm to 9pm

    Friday September 9th
    2pm to 9pm

    Merb has a special place in my heart, if it wasn't for all of you I wouldn't be here today. I am OVERJOYED to be back

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    Proud to announce duos with miss Naomi Loren

    you can find all the info here:

    all the hugs!

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    beep booop beep

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