First, thank you so much for this very interesting thread Reverdy xox

*Here is a quick reaction after reading precisely what's happening in a place in France, where some prostitutes are working in fields and people want to make a "battue" (like if you go hunting an animal) to get rid of them, proposed by a local wife*

It seems that the most people who want to eradicate it, the worst it is getting for everyone in the society.

The thing that should be understand is it will never be ending a day.

Some particular people think they could get rid of it in their own community, I think this is very presumptuous and completely disconnected of the reality.

And they are bringing so much problems in their society while trying doing so, I'm sure they are so blinded by their hate based on their fears that they don't realize who are the real "evil" for the society at the end, and that's simply themselves. They should be so ashamed to poison the lives of so much people in their community. The "hunters" for good morality are just doing the opposite of their goals, they are pushing the proximity instead to help keeping everything the most discrete possible. Why not help the girls/women working in the fields to relocate in more discrete places and upgrade their work conditions, by example? No, they propose a "battue" and this is a so aggressive proposition toward people who seems to have already be having the lowest work conditions, that's incredible.

I don't know all the laws in France, but my little 6th sense is telling me it should be illegal & coercitive in a way or another.