Hello Everyone

I've been away from Montreal for sometime and am hoping to return soon. Despite the new landscape, I'm thinking I should be able to have a blissful GFE encounters as long as I deal with reputable agencies and Merb sponsors for outcalls and be smart about it, be respectful and courteous to the SP's and treat them right . What happens behind closed doors in the privacy of my (downtown) hotel guest rooms between consenting adults is no business of the LE, so long as both parties have a pleasant experience.

In the past, I had great experiences with MSC (my favorite Nikita is no longer on the website ), XXXTase and Euphoria. So, I think I'll likely stick with these agencies. I know there are others, like Asservissante (ah, Hailey & Amber), fine agencies but my time if limited.

I appreciate any insights and advice anyone wish to offer me, a returning Hobbyist.

Thanks everyone,