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Thread: Another newbie thread, Massage Parlors downtown

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    Another newbie thread, Massage Parlors downtown

    Hello all, I'll be visiting next week and am planning on having an outcall at my hotel, done several times before, but this time I'm wanting to go to a massage parlor downtown. I'm staying downtown so has to be within walking distance as I won't have car privileges.

    Any recommendations on where to go? Where to avoid (tourist traps)? Just looking for a good experience and not wanting to feel ripped off.

    Appreciate any info provided.


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    All the downtown MPs are tourist traps but they have hot girls, high prices and low mileage. The better MPs are outside the downtown core. I like Adagio but they are well outside the downtown area.

    Read the review threads on Montreal Nuru Massage and you will get an idea of what to expect -

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