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Thread: When you go see a lady with a good review, what % of the time is the info accurate.

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    When you go see a lady with a good review, what % of the time is the info accurate.

    In my experience about 75% of the time the reviews are spot on, and in 25% of the time things are somewhat accurate for me. I guess you have to take into account some personal taste and preferences for not being 100% accurate. Overall I find the reviews to save me a lot of time and money. How accurate do you find reviews?

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    For what it's worth, I find my own opinions about 75% accurate when I repeat. I've learned to expect the unexpected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PopeDover View Post
    For what it's worth, I find my own opinions about 75% accurate when I repeat. I've learned to expect the unexpected.
    I have to point out that the good pontiff is on a roll lately. I whole-heartedly agree. Sometimes it is difficult to recreate the magic. That is a good reason not to repeat.
    Sure there are fake reviews out there. There are also well intended hobbyists that are either new to the hobby or new to the Montreal market or maybe they were drinking or high on Ecstasy when they saw the girl. I put myself in this category when I started. I can remember the first few girls that I saw. There is the one that got me hooked in Quebec City...This was pre-MERB for me and I didn't rate her. However, I would have rated her very high and today I would be disappointed. She didn't DFK and provided a CBJ but she was the first 19 year old girl I had had in as many years. I was in a Euphoric state of mind. Also, the first girl I ever saw in Alabama is another great example. I rated her very high. I saw her again a few years later and I was so disappointed. I swear she fell asleep sucking my cock and her shoes were all scuffed and she had the sniffles. By the 2nd visit, I had grown spoiled by GFE Montreal style. One of my favorite Montreal sessions was with a former GoodGirl who made my jaw drop at GG3. Her bad reviews outnumber her good reviews by 3.5 to 1. I think she is the hottest SP I have ever seen and the sex was outstanding...She went to another agency and I was afraid to repeat.

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    Are you talking about a single review or the consensus of many reviews of a single girl? In my experience, when a girl has several pages of reviews that are consistently good and similar, I have found them to be very accurate - like 90%. Assessment of a girl's face can vary quite a bit just because everyone can have varied taste on what is or is not beautiful. However, the descriptions of service have been very accurate.

    I think part of it is that I am from the USA and here there is not the huge number of agency escorts. There is a website that offers a healthy review community of backpage girls but those girls have huge turnover. I have said before that you guys in Montreal dont realize how lucky you are and mostly that refers to the hot girls, the great agencies and the low prices, but the other thing is this forum and the really big community of people who write detailed, helpful reviews.

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    You have to consider that reviews are subjective and open to the always possible YMMV ! If the review is written by a long standing member I tend to trust it more. You will find that there are members here with similar tastes to you and that takes a little time to understand, once you know that if becomes easier to trust a review and have a great experience.
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    Never believe the ads. The pics are fake. When they say they are the best or expert at what they do they lie and any special price is hype to get you there. I always go by reviews.

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    Well, i would say from my experience that most of the positively reviewed women i've seen have let me happy. But humans being humans, YMMV always apply. Chemistry may not always be there, but it's the way it is.

    I've noticed that clients who write their review right after the meeting are often more enthusiasts than those waiting a while to do it. I think that's normal, because things often become more rational with a distance.

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    It is as important to get to know the reviewers as it is to just read the reviews.

    When Hungry gives a lady a good review, I know I would like to see her. We seem to have similar tastes and he is unbiased. When you notice that a reviewer only sees ladies from one agency or one group of affiliated providers, you know that something is fishy. Probably a discount situation or a fake handle.

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    I'd say over 90%, close to 95% in the last several years, versus my inexperience in the early years. Of course I cherry pick reviewers I trust and try to always factor in some exaggeration, as well as staying with those who have the same tastes. I also avoid anyone who has a stake in the reviews through friendships or connections with agencies, especially those who make it obvious by consistently promoting the same agency.
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    I would say the reviews are pretty accurate if you consider that not everyone has the same taste. I went to see a masseuse that had good reviews but also had 50 DD breast. To a big boob aficionado that is exactly what he wants and he will be quite happy. For me it was an experience to see the big bazooms but it was not a repeat there. Most good reviews result in a good first visit and return visits. So I give good reviews 90% accuracy.

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