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  • Meet in a Motel / Hotel

    12 38.71%
  • Meet in a private apt

    13 41.94%
  • Meet in the SP's private residence

    6 19.35%
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Thread: Do you prefer to meet an SP in a motel/hotel or a private apt. ? Agency or Indy !

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    Do you prefer to meet an SP in a motel/hotel or a private apt. ? Agency or Indy !

    I prefer Motel/ Hotel

    I prefer private apt

    I prefer her personal residence
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    i am assuming that private apartment means my own private apartment and not an airbnb apartment. I voted hotel because i prefer outcall regardless of whether i happen to stay at a hotel or an airbnb apartment.

    what is interesting is that here in Boston, I always prefer incall because i dont want providers that I hardly know knowing where I live. If i lived in Montreal i might feel differently because there isnt the same level of risk that there is in the USA.

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    A neutral ground like a hotel/motel is most likely to keep both out of the private business and lives of each.
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    Prefer a motel/hotel but to get a decent place puts the cost higher so it is incall for me. If I was a tourist I would do outcall.

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