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Thread: New Pictures - Special MERB Pricing - Athletic Companion

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    New Pictures - Special MERB Pricing - Athletic Companion

    Montreal-based, I am an avid traveller. Past adventures have included a several month stay in India, escapades in Iceland, Bali and the west coast of the USA, to name a few. My bags are often packed, waiting for my next adventure. A good way to grab my attention is to stimulate my wanderlust. I’d be thrilled to share travel stories (the cringier the better!) over a glass of single malt.

    I am a full time yoga instructor who also dabbles in several other athletic pursuits, gifting me with a supple yet strong frame.

    When in town, I can often be found at the city’s most daring tables. Chefs that endeavour to cook outside the box delight me. Sharing a meal is one of my greatest pleasures outside of the sheets.

    I’ve always been curious about erotic exploration. This, coupled to feeling like a lack of human contact is a prevalent thread in the day to day, has lead me to open up to offering companionship meetings. In our time together, we will open ourselves up to being carried away into a bubble where all our ‘what if’s’ become possible.

    Not one to list acronyms, I don’t believe in grocery lists of desires. Upon respectful enquiry, I will however be able to tell you what I naturally gravitate towards in the intimate realm. I must stress that donations are for my companionship first and foremost.

    Life is meant to be savored in good company.

    Let’s live more

    Butterfly kisses,

    Mlle Lorence


    (text messages are preferred!)

    I host in Downtown Montreal, near Bonaventure subway

    Born in 1990


    125 lbs

    Hazel Eyes, filled with passion

    Tender 34B

    Size 8 shoe

    Meetings are best taken with 24h notice

    514-713-5975 - text messages slightly prefered!


    1h - 240

    1h30 - 320 - merb special 300

    2h - 420 - merb special 400

    3h - 640 - merb special 600

    Outcall — Extra — 40

    Social* — 100/h (no intimacy - public events, running, etc)

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    Dear Montreal,
    I am back in town Friday.
    Shall we share a little adventure?

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    Select availability on Monday and Tuesday 514-713-5975

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    Some free time this week, but only a bit!
    Pre-book some low-key cocooning in good company!

    514-713-5975 via SMS for email enquiries

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    Available this week starting Thursday

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