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Thread: XO-1 The Loft Party - A night of X's and O's

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    Wink XO-1 The Loft Party - A night of X's and O's

    Hello everyone,

    I am pleased to announce that EscortsXO will be having our first ever agency party to show our appreciation not only to our faithful clientele but to acknowledge and support our wonderful ladies who we work tirelessly for; yes we work for them!

    When XO opened back in February of this year I never envisioned we would be the fastest rising agency in just a few short months. To show my gratitude to both the ladies and you gentlemen who have helped to make this journey a reality, much sooner than I hoped or expected I might add, I would like this party to represent the overwhelming thanks that I have to you all for without you this would not be possible.

    I promise a night of fun, food, drinks, music, laughter, SEXy surprises and beautiful ladies in a very private and upscale location just as you all deserve. Those attending will be treated like the VIP's that you are, from the XO Girls to some special sexy guests and you lucky few gents that will get to attend.

    Space will be extremely limited for our first ever XO Party but if you do not make it on the guest list, you will be informed of the next event which will likely be open to more participation.

    I have asked party planner extraordinaire, lgna69xxx aka "Iggy" to plan the event for us and everything goes through him, everything! He knows what he is doing and I know we at XO are in good hands letting him do his thing so please reach out to him here if you want to come. I will not be answering any questions about the event so please go through Iggy.

    On behalf of the XO Team and Myself, I would like to wish everyone that attends XO-1 the best evening possible and enjoy the chance to get to meet our ladies up close and personal in a very private and luxurious setting.


    a.k.a. UncleSam

    Bonjour tout le monde,

    J'ai le plaisir de vous annoncer qu'EscortsXO va avoir sa première soirée d'agence, afin de démontrer toute notre appréciation, non seulement à nos clients fidèles, mais aussi la reconnaissance et le soutien de nos merveilleuses demoiselles avec qui nous travaillons sans relâche pour; oui nous travaillons pour eux!

    Lorsque XO a ouvert en Février dernier, je n'aurai jamais imaginé que notre agence aurait grandi aussi rapidement en seulement quelques mois. Pour démontrer ma gratitude aux demoiselles et messieurs qui m’ont aidé à faire de ce voyage une réalité, beaucoup plus tôt que je l'espérai ou que je m’attendais, je voudrais que cette soirée représente l'infinité des remerciements que je vous dois tous. Sans vous, ce ne serait pas possible.

    Je promets une soirée de fun, de la nourriture, des boissons, de la musique, des rires, des surprises SEXy et des belles demoiselles dans un endroit très privé et haut de gamme comme vous le méritez tous. Les messieurs invités qui auront la chance d'être présent seront traités comme des VIP, avec des Filles XO et quelques invités spéciaux sexy.

    Les places seront extrêmement limitées pour notre première Soirée XO, mais si vous n’êtes pas sur la liste d’invités, vous serez informés de l'événement prochain, qui sera probablement ouvert à une plus grande participation.

    J'ai demandé au planificateur de fêtes extraordinaires, lgna69xxx aka "Iggy", pour planifier l'événement pour nous et tout passe par lui, tout! Il sait ce qu'il fait et je sais qu’avec lui, XO sont entre bonnes mains. S'il vous plaît le contacter pour plus d'information si vous voulez venir. Je ne vais pas répondre à toutes les questions sur l'événement alors s'il vous plaît, passer par Iggy.

    De la part des l'équipe XO et moi-même, je voudrais souhaiter à tous et à toutes qui seront à XO-1 la meilleure soirée possible et de profiter de la chance de rencontrer nos demoiselles en personne dans un cadre très privé et luxueux.


    a.k.a. UncleSam
    XO :
    Montreal's new fastest rising agency, Best Incall / Outcall
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    What an amazing opportunity!

    The XO women in a limited private setting? I have a couple of them on my TDL......mmmmm good.

    Sam sponsoring and Iggy organizing it couldn't be anything short of extraordinary!

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    Congrats Sam for XO`s quick, successful and amazing rise.
    You have attracted some of the prettiest and sexiest young ladies in town.
    To have the opportunity to meet them all in an intimate setting is like a dream come true.

    Its about time a top agency throws a party instead of empty promises .

    Congrats again.

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    Gotta love Montreal
    Will be there for shaaawww!
    Good idea Sam

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    Awesome idea, an agency making a
    private party, wow that's been a while

    thumbs up Sam and xo has some beautiful girls

    can't wait, should be epic with iggy in charge

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    Now this is a real party with really beautiful women!!

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    Every lucky man attending this party will feel like Charlie winning that golden ticket to tour the chocolate factory!

    I have to tip my hat to Uncle Sam for recruiting a stunning team of beautiful ladies offering consistently amazing service, for having a great website facilitating pre-bookings of our favourite gems, and now for throwing this party. XO has become a benchmark of what an agency should be. This is an agency you can trust, and I trust that this party will be legendary!

    Thanks very much to Iggy as well. I can't begin to imagine how many hours it must take to plan and organize XO-1 or any of the VIP's. All I know is that we all benefit from the hours of hard work that Iggy contributes. To put it simply, if it wasn't for this man, my life would be a whole lot less exciting lol.

    XO-1 will be a blast and my only dilemma will be how to divide my time getting to know all of these stunning ladies.

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    Super! Finally I will have the chance to spend some quality time with the amazing Anastasia--I haven't seen her yet only because our schedules do not agree...Not to speak of Jasminexo, with whom I exchanged only a few words in a big VIP party, and, and, and...endless list...

    By the way, I love the big VIPs and MPs, but the idea of a smaller gathering also serve an important function. And Iggy being behind both kinds of parties is a guarantee of success!!!

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    And I do not want to forget to thank you, Sam, for the generous idea!

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    The concept reminds me a bit of GG2- October 2013, the party in the penthouse. Iggy's second party, I think. What I recall most about that party is the impressive penthouse it was staged in, and the very lovely Jessy and Hannah, and the French speaking girls all sitting at one table together and me crashing that "French speaking table" by having Megan, now at Euphoria, serve as translator for Jessy. I later saw both of them. I also recall someone, maybe Reverdy, maybe Joe T, maybe Iggy, getting a stash of a Canadian liquor which is similar to Creme de Menthe but is not Creme de Menthe. I can't recall the name of it but I drank a lot of it, got woozy, and then tripped over a glass coffee table, and fell to the floor and bruised my forehead but somehow miraculously managed to not spill the bottle of beer I was holding. I don't know how I managed to hang onto the bottle during that fall. It was the equivalent of a great save in hockey.

    I have one other memory, of my buddy, who I came to the party with, absolutely nuts over a girl by the name of Nikki at GG who was not exactly the most friendly and conversational girl, but he loved her look and talked about her incessantly for months.

    Regarding XO, I have seen Adriana and Anastasia, and adore both of these women. Anastasia is the most precocious woman. She is extremely mature for her age and has a great smile and, privately, some great energy.

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    All you guys that either live in Montreal or are close by are so freakin lucky lol

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    First of all a huge shout out to Sam of XO.

    I feel honored you thought of me to plan this party and it took me all of a half second to think about it when you made the offer. I try very hard to only deal and associate myself with agencies who treat their ladies with respect first and foremost, offer top pay, great working conditions and run the business like a business and not like their own personal playground which btw all of the above is why XO "is" the fastest rising agency in Montreal. I like the line in the opening post where you say YOU work for THEM!

    Having spoken to many of the XO ladies and knowing a couple very well as good friends, i know you care and work your butt off and you deserve all the success you are receiving and will continue to receive. Keep the same business model you are operating under, do not sway from it but adapt to changes and you will be a respected person/agency in this community for years to come. Never stop treating your ladies with respect and putting them first, please. Never lose sight of that.

    Now with that said, lets have a little party to celebrate the XO girls, some very sexy special guests, trusted clients and of course your dedication. I will give you 110% at all times from the start of this process to the final glass of champagne is gone. I will do my part and as long as you do yours, together all of us will make this a night to remember. Lets set the mold with the first XO party and just hope we can live up to it again and again.

    Thanks Sam for putting your trust in me. Now lets get excited to meet and party with all the gorgeous ladies who will be attending.

    Speaking of gorgeous ladies, I need to thank the lovely Miss Anastasia for all her help so far. You are a lifesaver. Also to Greygoose for behind the scenes stuff, much appreciated amigo. And to Pat98 for all the prep work and endless emails, thanks bro. I was kind of lost when my right hand man, Reverdy told me he could not attend this event because of a prior engagement but the three of you stepped up and I thank you all so very very much. I am so lucky to have good people and great friends in my life.
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    This is going to be an epic party!

    Sam is writing history in Montreal escort scene with his great agency and hard work!

    Thanks Sam and Iggy for inviting me.

    Looking forward to sharing some great time with you all!

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    I can see it being a great social event - food, drink, conversation - in a truly convivial atmosphere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EagerBeaver View Post
    I can't recall the name of it but I drank a lot of it, got woozy,

    Quote Originally Posted by EagerBeaver View Post
    and then tripped over a glass coffee table, and fell to the floor and bruised my forehead but somehow miraculously managed to not spill the bottle of beer I was holding. don't know how I managed to hang onto the bottle during that fall.

    It was indeed a nice "save" Eager Lundqvist

    Never seen Special K laugh so hard in my life!
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