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Thread: Bonne Fete COBRA1

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    Bonne Fete COBRA1

    Happy Brithday to one of the nicest guys on the board!

    Cobra you are a great guy who loves life, anyone that knows you surely sees that.

    Always a pleasure to see you at the many gt's we have attended. I hope you take some time today for golf and some company if you know what i mean

    Looking forward to chatting with you very soon and I will have a ice cold Stella Artois wating for you mon ami!

    Bonne Fete!!!!

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    ebonylover retired...
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    Mar 2010
    Bonne fête bro!
    Happy bday ... Have a good one and can't wait for the kinky details at next PGT lol
    NO Expectations, High satisfactions!

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    Happy birthday Cobra: enjoy your day, my friend!

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    Have a great day Cobra and health and happiness be with you. Was so great to get to know you better at VIP-8. Till the next time.

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    Hey hey hey...bonne fête .....enjoy this great je te souhaite longue de nombreux autres exploits spectaculaires....happy birthday my friend.

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    Bonne fête Monsieur Cobra!

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    All the best Cobra.....I`m sure you`ll find a fun way to celebrate.

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    Happy Birthday buddy.

    All the best and enjoy.


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    Joyeux anniversaire, Cobra. J'aime toujours ecouter tes histoires au cours des soirees.

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    Bonne fête Cobra1!
    C'est qui la chanceuse? :P
    Abuses pas trop de ton body là

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    Quote Originally Posted by UncleBob View Post
    Bonne fête Cobra1!
    C'est qui la chanceuse? :P
    Abuses pas trop de ton body là
    a cause que je ne suis plus un jeunot,
    je fete toute la semaine, et non voir plusieurs en 1 journées

    donc les chanceuses, je prefere dire demoiselle
    fut anastasia,bianca xo, maude et anna de vogue

    et la semaine n'est pas fini, lucky me

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    Joyeux anniversaire vous diable bandant!

    Happy birthday you horny devil!

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    Happy Birthday Cobra1,

    Thank you for always patiently answering questions of a newbie like me and hope you had a great day.

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    I love this guys approach to the hobby. I'll bet he is enjoying girls for his birthday. I will crack open another cerveja and celebrate Cobra's birthday here in Brazil.

    Happy birthday Cobra!!!

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    Hey bonne fete mister, ouin on se paye du gros fun lol
    Life is a party ! Death is the Hangover.. 70-49-6

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