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Thread: Montreal I am Coming for You|Your Salaciously Exotic & Vivacious Plus Size Companion

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    Montreal I am Coming for You|Your Salaciously Exotic & Vivacious Plus Size Companion

    Montreal! I am coming for you! | December 19th - December 22nd | Pre-Book/Screen Now

    Hello My Loves,

    Do you enjoy unwinding with a good bourbon or scotch? It’s like having a good cigar, it hits all five senses: you can smell it, taste it, look at it, feel it, you can even hear it. Like an exquisite bourbon I am very smooth, quite feisty, honey colored, and full-bodied. Let me be the bourbon to your lips and take you away to a place of unyielding pleasure. The warmth of me, and the softness of me will dwell in your mind. Come inside my world and allow me make you feel the things that only I can make you feel. For within me lies the fire that makes you want to consume me.

    I am London James but you may call me "LJ". I am a mid-twenties inamorata based in Dallas and available worldwide. Like any exquisite bourbon, I have a fiercely addictive disposition & diverse & exotic ancestry. At 5’3”, I exude a commanding & seductive presence; entrancing you with my adorable face, stunning smile, sultry southern accent, and the sinful curves of my hourglass silhouette (38C-34-46), buxom bust, and ample derrière. The perfect luscious companion for those that crave a bit more to hold on to.

    As an old school romantic with new school twists, I hold a different perspective on relationships. I value your wants and needs as I do my own; preferring unhurried and extended engagements, that allow us to create a genuine connection, and to treat you like the royal you are. I am often complimented on my relaxing aura, my maturity, and arousing the feeling of being at “home”; a place where you can be your authentic & unapologetic self.

    I am privileged in that I do not rely on companion work to survive. Companionship is truly my avocation, allowing me to pursue all my erotic passions, both cerebral & physical, with you.

    Due to Professional Engagements I will be in Montreal Often Beginning December 19th, 2016
    Pre-Booking/Screening is Highly Suggested | Many Book 3 - 4 Weeks in Advance

    Patronage Has Been Converted For Your Convenience | Kindly add +10% to Foreign Currency for Exchange Purposes

    Canadian Patronage
    A Brief Moment | 1H | $400
    Tea Time | 2H | $700
    A Moment in Time | 3H | $1000
    A Very Important Date | | 4H | $1200
    Idyllic Tea Party | 6H | $1600
    Down the Rabbit Hole | 8H | $2200

    On Tour Outcall | Kindly + $100
    Couples | Kindly +25%
    Duos & Fetish & Kink | Please Inquire *mischievous smile*

    Canada | December 19th - 22nd
    December 19th: 11am - 3pm; 5pm - 12midnight
    December 20th: 8am - 12pm; 2pm - 6pm; 10pm - midnight
    December 21st: 8am - 12midnight
    December 22nd: 8am - 12 noon

    For Earlier, Later, Extended Engagements & Overnights Please Inquire. I Will Try & Accommodate.

    Screening is Mandatory & Requires Either a Full Booking Form or Email With Basic Screening Information
    Your Patronage is Non-Negotiable
    All Correspondence Containing Lewd & Vile language, Acronyms &/Or Lack Etiquette Will Be Deleted

    As a Dual Citizen, I Keep My Worn Passports Readily Available
    When on Tour, Deposits May Be Required
    I Reserve the Right to Cancel Our Rendezvous at Any Time if Behavior Becomes Rude & Disrespectful
    Please Inform Me of Your Special Requests BEFORE I Travel (I.E. Casual Attire, LBD, Stockings, Glasses, Etc.)

    Want a True Taste of Me? |
    Need to Contact Me? |
    Join Me in Another Wonderland & Be My Dirty Rabbit on Twitter:

    Searching for a truly luxurious bourbon that you always go back to is like looking for me: it isn't always easy. However, once you've found one, it becomes one of your favorites. I can only imagine you're yearning for another taste, so head over to my site to peruse my presence, albeit the web. It is there you will have a taste of me, fall through the looking glass that will entice you, and familiarize yourself with information to set our date. Once you've had a taste, chances are you won’t ever want to put me down.

    Until we touch...

    London, xox
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    The Countdown is On | New Pictures & Updated Website To Be Released Tuesday, October 25th.

    Want to satiate that thirst in the meantime? Follow me on Twitter @londonjamesvip

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    If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.

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