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Thread: Always dreamed about it, but...

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    Always dreamed about it, but...

    Hi guys,

    I'm new on this site, and most frankly, I have never enjoyed the services of an escort, although it has been a fantasy for me for a very long time. Why not, you will ask ? I'm just afraid of STDs and HIV.

    I'm reading all kinds of posts about experiences you guys have with these ladies and can't help asking myself what a risk you are taking. Especially when you are saying that you've had DATY (had no idea what the word meant but I guess your talking about eating pussy) or putting your tongue in their mouth... God, do you know how many guys went there before!?! It scares the shit out of me. But somewhat, I can't imagine not doing these things with a beautiful woman if I have her in front of me. Only putting on a rubber and fucking is not enough for me. Ok, maybe anal would do the thrick but I guess they don't all allow it... And what about girls taking cum in their mouth? And even a dick with no rubber! Another huge risk... for them, and indirectly for you...

    The bottom line is that I dream of this all the time but I'm so damn afraid of the diseases associated with it.

    So, what is your thought on the subject... Don't want to be a party pooper, but I'm not really willing to die for sex, not yet...


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    Plenty of guys here who don`t DATY, kiss or receive . The STD topic has been done to death here, but if you`re worried, like Train says, just keep this a fantasy if it worries you so much. That, or do like others, keep it 100% safe. Then again, if you think that won`t satisfy you, then you better think back and evaluate what you want.

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    Abstaining is the only thing that is 100%

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    Well, I think that much is obvious, but the original poster is on the fence. The choice is still his, but at least he knows what they are. Do you want to be 100% safe, or anywhere from 0% to 99%.

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    If your too worried maybe you shouldnt play. I'll tell you why. How anxious will you be after you've seen a lady even if you were completly safe? If can't stop your mind thinking u just contracted something even thouh u were safe, I think this is not for you.

    Like PcGuy said, touch her, feel her, talk to her, but dont exchange fluids... Wear a condom, make sure you put it right and you pull out safe... It is 99% safe to have sex with a condom when used properly...

    If you ever decide to go see her, first thing you tell her is that you want to be extremely safe.

    And don't rush your act after you've taken your decision. Say tomorrow u decide you will do it. wait at least 1-2 weeks just to make sure you still agree with yourself.
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    Thanks for the input guys. I guess I was hoping you would tell me that the risk is minimal with escorts, compared to street hookers for example. It seems more like you ARE taking a huge risk and KNOW about it and ACCEPTING it. That's disappointing to me.

    I will take your advice and not take the risk.

    Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter_North
    Thanks for the input guys. I guess I was hoping you would tell me that the risk is minimal with escorts, compared to street hookers for example. It seems more like you ARE taking a huge risk and KNOW about it and ACCEPTING it. That's disappointing to me.

    I will take your advice and not take the risk.

    Thank you
    Have fun pulling yourself and say hi to Rosie for me will ya!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Train
    My thoughts are that you should abstain.
    Yeah, I would agree with that too. It's as though you're stuck between a rock and a hard place, Peter North. I know exactly how you must feel, as I've had these same thoughts many times myself. However, if it's any comfort, the chances of actually catching HIV, or any other serious STD, if you use a condom, are practically zero. And if you ever choose to hobby eventually, remember that you've got to always use your head and be very careful when comes time to choosing your provider. Perhaps MERB can be useful to you to weed out the bad apples and select the most reliable, disease-free sps out there.


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    Always screen and try not to be so paranoid!

    Peter North,

    You were one of my favorite male performers until I found out you were gay! I am just kidding but I do not kid on health issues. I am going to be very honest with you, I do believe that SPs (not street walkers who may also be drug addicts), in general, are a lot safer and smarter about sex than the general female population out there. It is their bread & butter so they do not screw around with their health.

    I suggest you research and screen your SPs very thoroughly. Ask them if they have had a medical check-up recently. Even if it is no guarantee, the fact that they do it may put your mind at ease because she is at least thinking about her health. I prefer independent SPs but this does not mean that they are safer than agency ladies - only that they can control the volume of men they choose to see.

    By an unforeseen circumstance, I actually recently saw an agency lady and in our encounter she asked me if it would bother me if she put a condom on for oral. I said: ``Honey, you do whatever you feel comfortable with. I have had s and CBJs and I am fine with both. I will never impose on a lady.``

    Finally, I screen carefully because I love pleasuring a woman with my tongue. I cannot get aroused until I take the plunge and see her arching her back, clenching the sheets and gasping for air! There is no better moment than that, for me at least.

    You decide what is best for you but if you`re too paranoid, you should probably avoid this hobby altogether.

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    I`m not saying that your opinions here were the only things stopping me from hobbying, as you may call it here. I have always been afraid of doing it. Although I`m a very impulsive guy, I have never had a prostitute before (other than the old lap dances in Laval where you could eat pussy also, but that wasn`t really safer...).

    I found your site by looking for motels and I was curious. Reading all your posts made me wish I had found this site years ago... But even then, would have I done things differently?

    If it weren`t for STDs, I would be ruined today. God, I would spend a lot of money on those girls!

    By the way, what`s with all the abreviations here? DATY, , CBJ...? It makes it difficult for newcomers you know. Maybe you were afraid cops would be watching this site, I don`t know... Anyway, it doesn`t take a college degree to figure out what they are...

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    And by the way General Gonad,

    I have recently downloaded a Peter North movie with Kazaa Lite and I was really surprised of seeing him getting rammed from behind by another guy!!! It was the only time I saw him with a guy. But, that doesn't mean he's gay. How could a gay man be able to fuck thousands of women like that? Maybe he's both? Or since this movie was really old, he was starting and needed cash?

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    Thanks for the info Train.

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    Joe, you're absolutely right. I was thinking more along the lines of hiv and hepatitis.

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    Don't forget syphilis and gonorrea, I saw a picture of a guy with a level III of syphilis infection once and the poor guy looked like a zombie, their flesh was tearing apart from his face and head.

    I will open a new topic "have you ever gotten a STD from a Sp?" to have more detailed opinions about this.
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    Here are my 2 cents: MPs/SPs/whatevers don`t want to die because of sex as much as most of the people here! Yes some are more liberal than other, offering DATY DFK... but they don`t want to die because of it. They know what they are doing, they know the risks so in my opinion the risk of contracting STDs or HIV is just as big as the one when u pick up some girl in a bar!

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