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Thread: Massage Parlour takedown

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    Massage Parlour takedown

    A little overboard for a parlour but it's in the good ol US of A

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    I don't know where this takes place in the US but those people are insane. A SWAT team to take out a massage parlour!!!

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    It's part of the A&E show Dallas SWAT.

    There may be more to the story (i.e. drugs). MPs always seem to get it the worst because of illegal immigration, neighbor complaints, constant foot traffic, etc.

    Dallas, as long as you stay away from MPs and SWs, is actually pretty good for hobbying. The TVI agency has been around for a very long time, and there are a lot of reviews on

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    My heroes

    Cops are so brave aren't they? Out there risking their uh, I'm not sure what risk they were taking, but they were keeping the rest of us safe from an MP owner, a security guard and nine women. Congrats, boys.
    My favorite is the little guy who says he loves being on the front line most of all. Front line against what? A bunch of unarmed 105 lb female immigrants? Can't you see him as part of the Hitler Youth sixty-five years ago? Same mentality.
    Maybe next time they can use their swat team to combat such dangerous activities as shoplifting, penny larceny and jaywalking.

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