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Thread: Recommendations for Resort Area?

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    Question Recommendations for Resort Area?

    Which English speaking resort area would you recommend for a
    retired 55 year old guy who enjoys good pooning?(Thanks to Viagra! Ha! )

    Thanking you terrific people in advance.

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    English-speaking resort areas

    That's a tough one. By English-speaking resort area, I suppose you mean a place that's got sun and sand, mountains and winter sports, or golf and greenery where English is the primary language. Or even just a city.

    Florida comes to mind. Tampa has (had?) great lap dance clubs, but I'm not familiar with the SP options there. Miami might be better for SPs, but it might not qualify as English speaking

    The English speaking islands of the Carribbean might work, but I don't have first-hand experience there. Jamaica would be my first guess.

    As for mountain or golf areas like Colorado or Scotland, I'm sure they all have SP options, but I would be surprised if they were very good.

    Looking at cities, London is good, but expensive. Toronto is supposed to be good, although not as good as Montreal. Of course there's always Vegas and Reno...

    Hong Kong certainly has many options, but I have found that English is becoming less common there. I've never been to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa or India so I can't help there either.

    You may be more interested in resort areas where English is widely understood or where English speakers can get by fairly easily. Amsterdam, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Rio, Buenas Aires, Prague, and Thailand come to mind.
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