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Thread: Should agency ladies be offered shares & bonuses?

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    Question Should agency ladies be offered shares & bonuses?

    I posted this elsewhere but I think it deserves its own thread. The idea is to introduce a system at agencies where all ladies can get minority shares and a year-end bonus based on individual performance (say 60%) and agency performance (say 40%). This would align the interests of the ladies to their agency and vice versa. It would also encourage ladies to share and try to help other ladies that are not performing to up to par. Finally, agencies should introduce a pool system that helps ladies when they are sick or unable to work can also promote loyalty to an agency.

    Let me know if you think this idea can work. It is based on trust but it is also based on alignment of interest. Make the ladies part owners and you'll see a huge change in terms of loyalty and the bottom line. Anyways, that is what I think - give the ladies a vested interest and see if it works.


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    Perb responses

    Just to let you know, the best responses to my question came from Perb:

    I especially liked LuthBlissett`s response. Any thoughts on Merb on whether this can work?


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    And how many agency operators file tax returns? charge HST etc.

    Get real, this is an illegal enterprise.

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    What do tax returns have to do with my idea? I have been accused on other boards of being naive and living in fantasy land but I still believe this is the best approach to this and all businesses. When people have performance bonus and shares, they care about the service they're providing. In the end, the agency gets more profits, the ladies more money and the clients better service.


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    If i remember correctly the former Thetis agency had something like that going for the girls, not exactly that though and it was on a monthly basis.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hohunter
    And how many agency operators file tax returns? charge HST etc.

    Get real, this is an illegal enterprise.

    What is illegal about it?

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    I dont think that a share would be a great idea because the money they get per client should be considered has a the share itself. I like the bonus idea and I think that with a bonus system we would be all advantaged (agency and clients) Let me give you an example:

    Lets say that an agency X start a schedule systems (we all know its hard into that business to keep an accurate schedule) and they give choice to SP to give a schedule or not... and the one who respect the most her schedule in a X period (a week, month etc..) get the X$ bonus. This is just a simple example that an agency could set to improve their service and make everybody much happy (agency, sp + clients).

    I run a livecam studio and we set two bonus like this:
    1-) the model generation the higher total of private show minutes.
    2-) the model who keep a client the much longer in a private session.

    Trust me thoses bonus improve the quality into the 'work' of the models.

    This is just my 2 cents... Easy to setup just need to take some time and be willing to spend some $ to get better results.


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    Lightbulb What about Unionized escorting as an alternative?

    Money, Money, Money. Thats the capitalist way of course but how about a more "socialistic" approach. Give the girls benefits and representation. The owners of agencies probably wouldn't like it one bit, as a matter of fact theres a good chance it would put many of them out of business if it actually caught on. So how about it ladies? Would you like health, vacation, and retirement benefits? A rep to go to with complaints about working conditions? A voice to deal with politicians and LE. Some actual control over your working environment? I wonder where the government would come down on this in Canada. As long as the members of the union didn't work for agencies I don't see why it would be illegal for independent outcall escorts to form their own local.

    Union bashers will jump in, in 5...4...3...2...1...
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    Hmmmm. Good idea.

    It works for Flyntt & Hefner.

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