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Thread: Cell jam in movie theaters

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    Thumbs down Cell jam in movie theaters

    Check this link

    I'm all for it but I smell lawsuits, especially in the US.

    They should also think about gagging these blabbermouths. There is a guy who just got stabbed in a movie theater at Square Décarie. He confronted the guy who was constantly talking during the movie.

    The a..hole had time to split before the cops arrived.

    A sucker is born every NY minute.

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    I'm all for jamming cells in theaters, it's a good start... But that won't completely shut people up during the flicks...

    So until they figure out a way to do that, I'll stick to my own method... Only going to the theaters during the week for the daytime (10a-1p) shows (which also gives a little price cut), or the very last show of the night...

    Things are usually enjoyable around those hours.
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