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Thread: Best motel on Taschereau?

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    Best motel on Taschereau?

    What would be the best motel on Taschereau, preferably heading West, for siestas? What about motel L'Oiseau Bleu?

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    I'm looking for something further west, like Brossard.

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    I've heard about Day's Inn but what do they ask? I'm sure not going to give them personal information (no more than plate number). I know motels are a lot less fussy than a big hotel chain like Day's Inn.


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    Ok guys, since it seems like a difficult one to answer, let me ask you this instead. What personal information do they ask at the Chablis? Now you must know this one since you all seem to go there.


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    Interesting place!

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    Hotel Canada looks fairly decent and appears to be close enough to downtown Montreal. Is the hotel SP-friendly? Would SPs be willing to travel the distance?

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