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Thread: Another crazy lawsuit

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    Another crazy lawsuit

    Did anybody hear about Gurtis Gokey? He's a city employee in Lodi, California. He was driving a city truck when he backed into a car-his own. His car was destroyed.
    He then sued the city for $3,600 because a city employee had damaged his car. Not surprisingly, he lost.
    That didn't stop him. His wife is now suing the city. She's suing for $4,800, too, because, "I'm not as nice as my husband."

    If she wins, the possibilites are truly endless...

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    The great American pasttime: the Lawsuit.

    It's never your fault. It's never your responsibility.

    Gotta blame it on some big corporation or the government.

    They got money. They'll settle.

    Take the settlement check and run, just like winning the lottery!

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