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Thread: Hands off Kevin!!!

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    Hands off Kevin!!!

    So you think that merbytes are horny bastards that seek self-gratification and sex, think again.

    Hollywood stars that have gorgeous wives or girlfriends feel the urge to explore their darkest side as regular joes do.

    Check this link:

    You be the judge, if it's true or not.

    A sucker is born every NY minute.

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    Kevin is a loser

    "The woman, who said the Old Course Hotel in St. Andrews, Scotland dismissed her after she complained about the incident, told a labor tribunal that the actor "kept putting his hand underneath his towel," and that, when she began to massage his head, he "grabbed her wrist forcefully, whipped off his towel [and] exposed himself," according to the Mirror. "

    What a mega, mega loser!

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