What will they think of next? SPs that blow you while you ponder your next shot?

Super-luxe Golf Perks

Shoulder a little tight? Some luxury golf courses will send a masseuse out to the tee to loosen you up for that par-five, dog-leg-left 14th hole.

By Julia Boorstin
FORTUNE at CNNMoney.com
For tired, achy limbs, the best medicine used to be gulping down two aspirin in the clubhouse before your tee time.

Not anymore. Sure, most high-end golf courses have spas on the premises these days -- but why settle for a regular old massage when you can have a treatment that targets your golf-specific ailments?

Several resorts are offering everything from intense massage to reflexology for golfers, targeting forearms, hips and shoulders.

And for true heavy hitters, we found the ultimate on-course splurge: a masseuse that will meet you (and your foursome) at the tee.