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Thread: McKinney battles Capitol Hill security again-Don't they know who she is?!

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    McKinney battles Capitol Hill security again-Don't they know who she is?!

    Yes, the thread title is sarcastic.

    Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who's had run-ins with Capitol Hill security before had another one last Wednesday. Apparently these racist pigs have it in for McKinney (but not any other black representatives). She complained loudly enough in 1993 that Capitol Hill police put her picture on an office wall so officers would recognize her. In 1996 and '98 she had incidents with White House security, and complained that they hadn't recognized her.

    Most recently, she was detained by a Capitol Hill cop-and struck him with her cell phone. "I was urgently trying to get to an important meeting on time to fulfill my obligations to my constituents."

    I would translate that roughly as, "Don't you know who I am, nave?"

    But of course, saying such things publicly wouldn't help your popularity. So, you conveniently claim racism.
    I don't know what really happened; maybe the cop was a racist pig. Maybe he was just an antagonistic prick. Maybe he was new and didn't know her. Maybe she just got defensive, jumped to assume racism where there was none and overreacted. Maybe she should apologize and be thankful her position will (probably) keep her out of trouble.
    I do know one thing-if anyone in this audience, regardless of color, struck a cop, we'd be looking at jail time. McKinney is actually looking for an apology. Even if her claims are true, she ought to know better by now, after numerous incidents, than to hit a cop.

    Troubling to me, Danny Glover has already voiced his support for McKinney-almost certainly without knowing the details of the incident.
    I don't deny that racism is an insiduous and absolute wrong. It's tough to prove, but often all too easy to recognize. Unfortunately the word 'racism' also seems to serve as a get out of jail free card-literally-for powerful black celebrities and politicians. Barry Bonds convenient use of the word is another example. He's admitted using steroids-under oath-and yet when investigated by MLB, he played the race card.
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    At first blush, it would appear surprising that Congress security wouldn't recognize a congressperson. Without knowing any of the details, the incident does seem to highlight more than anything else both McKinney's unpredictable and perhaps prima dona behavior and the security guard's dumbness. Perhaps, after 911, security personnel around Washington is being overly zealous?


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    It's not exactly reasonable to be expected to remember the faces of 435 people you may or may not see for five seconds at a time.

    That's why members of Congress are given special gold pins to wear in order to identify themselves.

    McKinney adamantly refuses to wear hers. That's why they've had problems with her in the past.

    The security guard was manning the entry screening point when she walked right around it. He asked her to stop twice, then caught up with her and grabbed her arm. That's when she hit him back.

    None of this would have happened if she would just wear her damn pin. Also, if she had just stopped when the guy screamed "Halt!" and showed him her ID.

    The entire thing is classic McKinney - I'm too far above you to give a rat's ass.

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