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Thread: Dealing with guilt

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    Dealing with guilt

    Thanks to General Gonad, a number of very interresting subjects have been discussed on the board recently, ranging from the sexual aspects to our relations with SPs and women, to some of the consequences of hobbying, ie: depression.

    Hobbying is a world in itself. Some of us will be able to have their relation with SPs blend in with their personal life, making friends along the way and unify everything in harmony. I suspect this applies more to men and women who are single, or otherwise not too emotionally attached. Other persons will have to keep that part of their life hidden, and will succeed at varying degrees. A bit like people dealing with drugs, gambling, or other addictions, those who are not strong enough to keep a definite separation between the two worlds may eventually suffer from very negative effects of their "other life": Losing money, losing their job, losing their family, losing friends (even those made in this hobby), etc.

    It may come to a point that whichever direction they look, they feel like they destroyed everything around them, have exhausted all possibility of resolutions, that whatever they do they'll destroy something else. They lose any and all self-esteem they ever had. All they have left to feel is regrets, sadness, guilt.

    I wonder if anyone went through that, and how they dealt with it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaempferrand
    Amazing relationships to me should be timeless where it can lasts as long it wants to, ends when it should, and starts again without hesitation. Maybe this is why I couldn't walk away from this hobby!
    Now that is poetry...pure poetry.


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    I have taken a month to think about this

    I honestlly don't think there is a reason for a man or woman to feel guilty when they wounder from home,

    I am not a hobbyist.

    I spent some some special time with a most beautiful young woman EC.

    She saved my life. my marriage and it would be great if she met my sons some day. I know that is not goinng to happen. We were together last Memorial Day Week End when my son Chris wrecked out speed boat.

    All people have special gifts. To all of you, I hope you find them.

    PS. Special thanks to Lion Heart, he knows the wonderful woman of whom I am so grateful.

    Rango USA

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    The Answer

    A couple of things come to mind on this topic. If you are referring to guilt over seeing an SP whether you are married single or whatever, guilt generally doesnít build over time. You either feel it as a reaction to your action or you donít. So, if you feel guilty stop the action that is causing it. If you are referring to feeling guilt because your world crashed around you ďLosing money, losing their job, losing their family, losing friends (even those made in this hobby), etc.Ē then I donít think its guilt but probably more like shame or just plain regret. Basically for every decision we make or action we take in life there are consequences, some good and some bad. As intelligent people we must decide if the potential consequences are worth the reward, BEFORE you take action. If they are, then guilt, shame or regret should not be a factor. If the consequences are not worth the reward then donít do it.

    Now, human emotions being what they are, (and guilt is definitely an emotion) they donít always obey the laws of logic and people being weak, especially when blinded by the pleasures of sex, will not always make the logical decision. So, the only answer is to forget the friends, leave the wife, get a better paying job and buy more pussy. Then everything will be ok.

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