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Thread: Regarding: Current Reviewing System and my thoughts on it

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    Regarding: Current Reviewing System and my thoughts on it

    Hello Everyone:

    I wanted to place a thought out there and open it up for some intelligent discussion and possibly implement a voluntary change to how we score sessions with escorts.

    I want to put forward the following statement: The current scoring system and categories used are outdated and no longer provide a reliable measure of service provided.

    I have noticed a trend and have discussed it privately with some friends of mine that are also long time hobbyists as well as posters to boards such as this. The trend is that the girls reviewed tend to be skewed much more to the higher end of the scores. Rather than a bell shaped curve as we would see in a normal distribution, this is more the inverse of that, meaning the frequency of bad and very good scores far outnumber the middle range. Girls either get glowing "OMG marry me and have my baby" reviews or "I hope you die in your own vomit" reviews. Of course I just exxaggarated that for illustration purposes, but hopefully you get the general idea.

    Currently we use 3 categories: Looks, Attitude, Service and we score them on a 1-5 (5 being best). While this might have served well for us in the past this is no longer the case. We post these reviews for a number of reasons. First to notify our fellow hobbyists of good and bad service providers and agencies, kinda to watch each other's back. Second so that we can in effect if not in practice give feedback to the agencies/owners/girls on how they performed. Regarding this second point, as it's clearly evident on both this board and the other, the agency owners have a vested interest in keeping their agency in a favorable light.

    Ok that being said, the problem with just having 3 categories is that they are not "actionable", in order for feedback to be actionable, it needs to be more focused. Take for example there is an escort who is dressed neatly, manicured/makeup down well....but for whatever reason....smells, but the smell might be just a bit minor (ie, hot summer montreal day...etc, so while it wasn't desierable it wasn't indicative of a more serious hygiene problem. Sure in this case a reviewer might post that she was a 4.5/5.0 (taking off the .5 for the smell), unfortunately for us and for the escort/agency they can't take corrective action on that because they can't determine what caused that loss of the .5 pt unless it was specifically mentioned in the review. Whereas, if the "Looks" category was broken out into more actionable ratings,...lets say.

    Remove: "Looks"
    Add: Physical Beauty
    Add: Personal Presentation
    Add: Cleanliness/Hygiene

    All 3 of those are much more direct things that a girl can correct.

    Having given an example of why I feel the current system doesn't work let me now pust my suggested new categories.

    Remove: "Looks"
    Add: "Physical Beauty" (is she pretty)
    Add: "Personal Presentation" (does she dress/present herself well)
    Add: "Cleanliness/Hygiene" (are all the minimum hygiene needs met)

    Remove: "Attitude"
    Add: "Friendly/Courteous" (is she sociable and feminine)
    Add: "Accomdating" (is she open to the customer's desires)
    Add: "Warm/Inviting" (does she provide an intimate feel)

    Remove: "Service"
    Add: "Sexual Talent" (can she suck a dick like a pro?)
    Add: "Sexual Variety" (does she just just want to lay on her back?)
    Add: "Wild Child Factor" (does she get freaky..ok this one is a bit of a stretch)

    I think the 5 point scale should be changed to a 4 pt scale. This forces the reviewer to take a stand. Most times it seems that when people give a "3" score they really have a negative association with that score but for social reasons are being polite. For our purposes, to maximize service, we should not be worried to pick a side, either you like them or you didn't, and then the degree to which you liked them.

    1: Bad
    2: Fair
    3: Good
    4: Great

    Ok well now that I've said all this, let's open it up to some discussion. Remember our goal is to improve the quality of the reviews, to then help steer the agencies and the girls to improve their service. It's a win/win for all of us.

    Best Regards,


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    Lightbulb The real problem with ratings


    The problem I have with these ratings is that they attempt to standardize all women according to some 'universal criteria'. At the end of the day, I just ask myself whether or not I enjoyed my session and more importantly, why I enjoyed it. I do not go over a checklist and then tally up the final score to see whether or not she deserves a great review.

    All these reviews are subjective because chemistry plays a huge part in each encounter. If you believe, as I do, that YMMV in each and every encounter, then you cannot take anyone's review too seriously. Great reviews are just a gauge and should not be used to develop unrealistic expectations, which often lead to disappointment.

    If you have a bad encounter, it might be the SP's fault or it might be your own fault and you do not want to admit it to the board.


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    I may be the only one who feels this way, but I don not really pay much attention to the numerical scores at all. There are some regular posters on this board that do so much better when they describe their encounter. Their description of how the visit went gives me a much better idea of whether I would want to meet that particular lady. The only other thing I need to know is whether she is GFE or YMMV. Either can be fine. Some of the best reviews don't even have a score at all. Thanks to all of you here who write so well.

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    I'm with NHBrat, I almost never review a girl and give her a numerical score and when reading other reviews I don't pay attention at all to the numbers others use.

    Kazunori, another reason why you see more "Great" & "Terrible" reviews than "Middle range" reviews is that people tend to write about the very good and the very bad, leaving out the average.

    I personaly don't write a review of girl if she was just OK and she has already been reviewed if I have nothing new to add.

    Do you work for the gov't Kazunori??? (civil servant? Teacher?) While your new grading system seems well thought out, it's just a little too complex and detailed for me - I perfer to read a "story" about an encounter rather than a "report card", your taking all of the fun out of it.
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    I don't think the numbers/points systems can really work in these types of reviews because they're based on opinions...
    I say "Girl X" a 5 that I would bang ceremoniously until I die, but you might look at her and say she's a -8 with a slight case of downsyndrom...

    I'd say give detailed, opinionated reviews and all will be right with the world...
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    Excellent, this is exactly the type of discussion I was hoping would happen. Spin to answer your question, while I am neither govt. nor civil servant, I do own a very reputable consulting firm in the US that specializes in customer satisfaction survey results analysis. Hence why my suggested method might have gotten a bit overcomplicated. Once a math nerd gets on a roll, it's hard to stop. lol.

    Someone suggested that I post my own reviews using this method and see if people respond well to it. That's a great idea, while I was in Montreal 5 times last year, the most recent was in September so posting review now from then would be outdated itself. I'll be in Montreal in the next two weeks so I'll have some fresh encounters to write about.

    Best case...people like it and adopt it voluntarily, worst case, nobody but me likes it and I continue to use it for my own reviews. No harm, No foul.

    Best Regards,

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    I too pay little if no real attention to numerical scores as this is way too subjective.

    I want to know what services the lady in question provides & a physical description, period.

    Recently I saw a somewhat well known SP on the Montreal scene & all of her reviews & backchannelling info to me, except one board review was fantastic but as far as my experience with her, it was not good. She was attractive not great looking but no one ever reviewed her saying that she was more than that in any review, that I can remember. Even the services that she provided to me were not up to what info I had been given but I chalked it up to perhaps she was having a bad day. My disappointment didn't end there, as her stay in my house was a total of 30 mins. which included 5mins for me shaving, thinking I was going to receive DFK & 10 mins for her to shower & what was indicative to me of the utter & total disregard of a client that I received, no follow up communication from the agency asking me if anything was wrong.

    Any flowery nonsense of how he felt about his encounter, is of no consequence to me, as the poster may be delusional, no real female experience or way too many times I've read that he believes that he's in effect NOT a John.

    Gentlemen, if we pay an SP or a stripper for whatever services they provide, you are a John, nothing more, nothing less !
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    That's exactly the type of discussions I find relevant and usefull here. We loose ourselves in sociological posts and forget the board is and should be a review board. It should primarly serve as a reference to help make a valid choices of sp's, not to elevate our minds!
    That we can do in our "normal" relationships.

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    her stay in my house
    StripperLover>>> Did you break one of your own rules? Never let them know where you live?

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    they will forget what you did,
    but they will never forget the way you made them feel.

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    When did I ever say that ? They only know where I live, not SL.

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    Simple friendly advice to Kazunori

    Enjoy the experience, be polite and respectful of the lady, fuck your brains out, and fuck those ratings. If you go into the encounter planning and thinking how you're going to implement your rating system, you will have missed out on most of the fun and thrill associated with seeing an sp.
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    Quote Originally Posted by picasso
    Enjoy the experience, be polite and respectful of the lady, fuck your brains out, and fuck those ratings. If you go into the encounter planning and thinking how you're going to implement your rating system, you will have missed out on most of the fun and thrill associated with seeing an sp.
    This is sound advice - ratings are useless.


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    Hello again everyone.

    Ok an update for everyone... I will be back in Montreal on the 25th of this month (May) and I have intentions of 3-4 girls and I will use the system I proposed and then you all can give feedback and we'll see how the discussion goes from there.

    Best Regards,


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