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Thread: Beware of absolute truths from "credible" posters

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    Exclamation Beware of absolute truths from "credible" posters

    I was responding to Wilko when the thread that Board Stiff put up was deleted. I want to share my response with all of you, escpecially the new members:

    This proves the point that YMMV is not an exception but the rule for all ladies at all times. You might read a glowing review from me or someone "more senior" and say to yourself - "yeah, I want the same thing he had." Guess what? You might get something on par, far better or far worse. It really all depends on you, her, the chemistry and interaction that transpires during your encounter. That is the brutal truth.

    I am sure there are some robots out there that consistently deliver GFE to any client regardless of their attitude, hygiene and manners. But that is not what I am looking for. A robot is a material object that I turn on and off. I want to feel like I am with a warm and caring human being, not "Miss Robotic GFE."

    Nobody has a monopoly of wisdom on this "hobby." Not Lion Heart, not Lee Stone, not Stripper Lover, not Regnad, not Eager Beaver, not Special K, not Doc Holliday,...nobody...ESPECIALLY NOT ME!

    I am discovering the complexities of my journey and I am loving it. Each experience is worth reading about and is unique to those individuals that posted. We should never castigate someone who posts their feelings and shares their experiences, unless they are obvious shills and liars.

    To put up a list of "credible" posters is absurd and insulting to many members who have just as much to offer, if not more, than the rest of us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaempferrand
    Just do it because you want to and not for the reason of looking for approval.

    Anyone who writes reviews to seek approval from others will ultimately find these boards very frustrating and unrewarding. I post reviews to express my gratitude in words because I think it is the ultimate compliment to a special lady. I never post thinking what will other members say or worrying what if they do not like my review. All I care about is that the SPs I have been with read my reviews and appreciate them. If other members like them, I am glad but it doesn't really affect me.

    I agree with you, all members should feel free to post how they felt about their experiences but should never post to gain "credibility." I often get bored and post on numerous other issues that I think are worth discussing here.

    I started this thread to encourage all members, old and new, to think critically and independently and to take all reviews, including mine, as gauges, not absolute truths.


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    These lists & awards, etc. serve only those who need or require glorification for their acts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaempferrand
    From reading some of the stuff in here, it is sometimes amazing to realize the lack of common sense that can overtake a situation that should be approached objectively. When letting our emotions override that little voice in our heads telling us that it is all a fantasy can be a taunting internal task at times especially after from an amazing experience.
    Yes, but you're wrong. I know how to separate fantasy from reality even if my reviews do not always convey it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bryson
    I didn`t have time to read the other thread before it got deleted but I would like to take the time now to nominate myself as the most credible poster on the board!
    Heads up. That thread is not deleted. Only closed to other posts. Go to escorts 411. Here`s the link List of reliable posters Its pretty funny

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    I made the list!?!??!

    Wow! I just logged on and found this thread and clicked on the other thread and found my name on credible posters...
    Thanks Board Stiff for your vote of confidence...

    As to a list of credible posters, I think it is more up to the readers to judge who to believe or not. I will confess one thing, I only post good experiences with women. I will not post about the bad times because many times it is YMMV, perhaps the SP had a bad day, performance anxiety... I share the good experiences because they deserve to be shared. How does that affect my credibility now? I do not really care, all I can do is share about experiences of my own and pray the girl stays around longer so I can experience that again another time. Of course if a gril becomes too hard to book, I am a victim of my own writing, n'est pas? Anyhow that's my two cents. Interesting topic.

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    As a long time film/DVD reviewer, I never could, for the life of me, understand why a reader would hang on every word I might write and then send me an angry e-mail when they don't agree with me. It ain't gospel man and if you are moderately intelligent, you'll seek out a number of opinions in order to come up with a general idea as to whether you'll like the film or not. Unless, over time, you have come to the conclusion that one or two specific reviewers have tastes which closely match yours. I don't see how SP reviews would be any different.

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