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Thread: view from my truck

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    view from my truck

    Hi all I just wanted to ask if anyone else noticed this.
    I have seen nice thighs, nice cleavage and a couple of nipples and panties in cars beside me whileI am driving, From a truck the view is nice.
    I have seen guys gettting a hand job and seen guys jerking off.
    I have never seen a lady touching herself.
    To all you ladies out there do you ever touch yourself and if so do it beside a truck please if cold be me.

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    was wondering if anyone else has seen any nice things from there cars or turcks.Any ladies that like to flash people in there cars.

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    This thread reminds of a story I read in a Connecticut newspaper a few years ago.

    It seems as though a guy driving a car on I-95 pulled up alongside a car with an attractive female inside. I assume she was driving an SUV or larger vehicle and could see down inside his car, because the guy exposed himself and began masturbating.

    The woman got the guy's plate #, called the police on her cellphone and he was pulled over a few miles down the road by Connecticut State Police, arrested and charged with indecent exposure. The guy told the police that a bee had flown up his pants, and he had jerked his pants down in an effort to free the bee, and that what the woman thought she saw as masturbation was actually him whacking at the bee as it tried to sting his penis. I thought the story was so funny I brought it in to work the next day for everyone to read.
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    When I was in high school, I was in the band, and we would accompany the cheerleaders ( ) to sporting events and other activities. When the bus would pass by trucks, the cheerleaders would lift up their skirts and moon the truckers. The truckers were most appreciative! Unfortunately, the truckers got more than we ever got because we were band geeks. And back then, cheerleaders still wore nylons (which I like).

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    did you see me?

    Did you see the 45 lbs of hash I'm smuggling?
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