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Thread: Stephanie B // New Look, New Photos, New Life // Get Close

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    Red face Stephanie B // New Look, New Photos, New Life // Get Close

    I've really enjoyed playing with my look throughout my early twenties, but it feels like time to get back to
    what is natural for me.

    Hey, I'm Steph, and I am very interested in experiential knowledge, making connections, and physical engagement x

    Excited about the ways that the spring reminds me that I am alive, I would love to share that energy with you in whatever beautiful or twisted form we might find x
    I am soft, supple, move like water and boil like it too. We can find pleasure in that slick texture as well~
    Though I am hard to know completely, and my fire burns quietly, I entice you to try.

    I love dalliances, affairs, and profound connections! There is so much to experience and so many ways to connect with people, and I am always happy to begin something with someone new, or those who I already hold close to my heart. I also delight in exploring the perverse and the painfully pleasurable, and can be very creative if you know yourself and want to work together. My kink page should show you what you need~ Or, if you prefer to add further collaborators to our meeting, look through my duos portfolio and bask in our collective gorgeousness!
    I take this, my art, seriously, and I want to show you how beautiful it can be x Contact info and rates are on my site, and ask me about MERB special prices!


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    Tell me about the MERB special prices please. You have a gorgeous face.

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    prebooking is recommended to make sure i'll be around x
    some availability this week, please enquire~

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