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    Welcome to Vogue!
    Outcall Agency

    The upscale Montreal escorts agency that commits itself to answer all of your highest expectations.

    Our professional services will make you enter a world of pleasure meeting the highest standards of the markets. Our commitment to satisfy all our costumers translates itself by listening to your specific needs, a huge choice of gorgeous young women,a secure environment and an absolute discretion.

    Vogue est reconnu comme étant l'agence d’escortes ayant les standards de qualité les plus élevés à Montréal. Notre service d’accompagnement professionnel vous permettra de faire des rencontres inoubliables dans le respect des plus haut critères d'excellence de l'industrie. Contactez-nous pour plus d'information et prendre rendez-vous.

    Contact Celina : 438.939.8873

    We open the line at 10ha

    Angelie New Bombshell
    NEW Gorgeous brunette
    available from 1hpm-9hpm

    19 years old , 34DDD , 115 Lbs, 5''5
    Brunette with Hazel eyes
    GFE Rate : 220$/h

    Nikita New Amazing Russian WOW
    Beautiful blond russian
    available from 11ham-4hpm

    21 years old , 34C NATURAL, 128 Lbs, 5''8
    Blond with Blue eyes
    (Québécoise) GFE Rate : 220$/h

    Céleste New In The Bizz (Gorgeous Body And Face)
    Amazing New in the Bizz
    available from 12hpm-5hpm
    19 years old , 32C NATURAL, 105 Lbs, 5''0
    Brown with Blue eyes
    (Québécoise) GFE Rate : 220$/h

    Bianka Is Back WOW
    Amazing bomb
    available from 6hpm-10hpm

    24 years old , 32DD , 112 Lbs, 5'5
    Black hair with blue eyes
    (Quebecoise) GFE Rate : 220$/h

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    Valerika New Young Busty Blond
    Amazing blond quebecoise
    available from 1hpm-10hpm

    18 years old , 32DDD Natural, 125 Lbs, 5'8
    Blond with Green eyes
    (Quebecoise\Russian) GFE Rate : 220$/h

    Chelsea New (Gorgeous Face)
    Beautiful blond quebecoise
    available from 6hpm-12ham

    21 years old , 34B , 115 Lbs, 5'1
    Blond with light green eyes
    (Quebecoise) GFE Rate : 220$/h

    Aurelie New Gorgeous Blond WoW
    Amazing New Blond
    available from 6hpm

    20 years old , 34B NATURAL, 115 Lbs, 5''6
    Blond with Brown eyes
    GFE Rate : 220$/h

    Livia NEW ROOKIE
    Amazing brunette quebecoise
    available from 7hpm-12ham

    21 years old , 32C , 115 Lbs, 5'5
    Brunette with light blue eyes
    (Quebecoise) GFE Rate : 220$/h

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    Tammy New Amazing Italian (New in the bizz)
    Amazing New in the Bizz
    available from 12hpm to 5hpm
    22 years old , 34C NATURAL, 116 Lbs, 5''3
    Brown with Hazel eyes
    (Québécoise) GFE Rate : 220$/h

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    Vogue Upscale Agency
    Email: [email protected]
    Twitter: @vogue_agencymtl
    Escort411: @voguemontreal
    Kingdom99: @vogue

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