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    Hi everyone,

    finally decided to make an account. Been reading for a while and some post were quite helpful so hopefully i can help some of you guys in return.

    From what i saw it can be hard to build a reputation here and i hope you won’t be too hard with me!!!
    seems to be a good bunch of cool people on this forum and i look forward to chat with you.

    I am not new to the hobby but not the most experienced either but i will start to post on my past and present expreriences and i am sure we will get along well.


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    Welcome here
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    It took me 13 years to open an account
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    Welcome man
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    Thank you for the welcomes!!

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    Welcome aboard!

    I did my first review after 4 months and maybe 500 post (but for me 500 is equivalent in quality to about 5 post from GMA or SSJ haha).

    Write your review with humility, talk about the girl. Not too many details girls dont like that. But still sometime a little detail can mean a lot. For example if the girl sang while in your shower, write about it! (we do not need the song title tho)

    Like on any public board what you write will be suspect at first. It's normal you can be anybody. Just stay cool and within a few weeks you should be well viewed here. Or banned. Or like me vaguely ignored


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    Thank you Jalimon,
    appreciate the pointers.
    I really like reading you like a bunch of others.

    I usually play safe so not much details to add since these woman usually have a long history of post but while i am far from the most active in the hobby, i am sure i have a few gem some guys will really like to meet.

    Thanks again

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    Welcome aboard Eric!

    Have fun, and share your fun with us!



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    Thank you Mr.P

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    Thank you Maria
    it’s always a pleasure to read you, i can see you are an intelligent and charming woman and to me it’s nice to have the point of view of the ladies that are here on the different subject.

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