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Thread: The General's Most Intense Eruption!

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    No, I am not talking about my last post. I am disillusioned and sick of people who take these boards way too seriously. I just took out my frustrations on that post.

    This thread is about another type of eruption - my most intense orgasm to date. It happened today and it is going to help me sleep like a baby tonight.

    At noon I was hungry for an SP. I called Eleganza, ClassXXX and Celine's. Nobody was available. I was sitting in the sun and thinking about incalls but then I remembered my last experience and convinced myself that I am better off sticking a fork in my eye.

    I then thought of this massage place that I haven't used in a while. I called and asked who is available. "We have a new beauty with us." "Great, I'll be there in 10 minutes."

    I get there and this beautiful brunette opens the door, greeting me with a warm smile. She was cute and voluptuous with beautiful, large natural breasts. She also happened to be my masseuse. She shows me to the room and gives me 5 minutes to shower.

    She comes in and starts massaging me softly. I like it a bit firmer but she had a nice soft touch. She told me that she has a very young daughter and that she works part-time as a masseuse because the father ran out on them. I am listening, thinking what kind of a low-life leaves a lady like this with a young child to support on her own. A real scumbag...

    Anyways, she asked me to flip over and strips naked. Wow, for someone who just had a baby, she was looking very fine. She starts giving me an amazing Thai massage, rubbing her breasts all over me and letting me kiss them as well as her neck.

    But it was hot and we both were starting to sweat. So I suggested we hit the shower. To my suprise, she agreed. The shower was tight but we both fit in there. I started lathering her up on her back, slowly reaching in front to grab those bodacious tatas. I was kissing her neck while she was jerking me off.

    Then, she flips around so we are side to side in the shower. I tell her I like it real hard. She was scared that she'll hurt me and I said "don't you worry about it." So as my arm is around her and I am kissing her neck while she is jerking me off real good.

    And then it happened - my most intense orgasm ever. It was so intense that I literally lost all the strength in my legs and fell to the floor like someone was pushing me down. She caught me and pulled me up.

    I was speechless. "Do you know what you just did?" I asked. "I have never, ever cummed so hard in my life!"

    The truth is that I rarely orgasm because it takes me way too long. But even when I do, it was nothing like this, masturbation included. This was unbelievable and all from a HJ in a shower. I couldn't believe it!

    I dried off and sat in the chair staring at her. I was disoriented. While it's customary to leave an $80 tip, I left her $100 and told her I'll be back.

    Who is this amazing lady? I would love to share her name with you but I won't cause I want her all to myself. Alright, one hint, her name also starts with a "K" and ends with an "A". There is just something about that combination...


    P.S. I am going to sleep like a baby tonight.

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    Question to all members...

    When is the last time you had such an intense orgasm that your body jerked involuntarily and your legs felt like Jello?

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    Question to all members ????

    Quote Originally Posted by General Gonad
    When is the last time you had such an intense orgasm that your body jerked involuntarily and your legs felt like Jello?
    Question to all members? Whom are you talking to ? merbites or the little merbites ?

    To answer your question: I don't remember - the memory did not get a chance to get imprinted as there was no blood in the brain at that time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by General Gonad
    When is the last time you had such an intense orgasm that your body jerked involuntarily and your legs felt like Jello?
    Just about every time... well the first SOG anyways !

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    Quote Originally Posted by ass_lover
    I think that it's not just a question of the girl you're with and the technique that she uses. I think it's a combination of things like the level of sexual build-up before the actual orgasm, the timing, the fact that you didn't expect the beauty level of the girl you were with as well as the level of sexual excitement induced by that girl which may have come as a surprise to you.

    It was a real pleasure meeeting you too. Try not to fall in love with Samy. Anyways, I agree with the statement above. Today, I passed by Salon d'Or ( to see two beautiful masseuses that I've been with before, Sofia and Johanne. Both were working so I decided to do something crazy, I took a four hand massage. I loved sucking on both their breasts....delicious! It was tough making sure that they both got the appropriate attention, but somehow I managed!

    Anyways, I didn't orgasm. They were trying hard for over 40 minutes but it just didn't happen. I explained that it rarely does but I still had fun with them. All this to say that these super intense orgasms happen when you least expect them.

    Yesterday was awesome and it might have nothing to do with that particular woman. Maybe I just let myself relax in the shower and when it happened I let go completely. It reminded me a little like the first time you masturbate and feel how an ejaculation feels. It didn't hurt like the first time but my wind was cut....I was in a state of total zen.

    So there you have the truth. Despite seeing some of Montreal's finest SPs, it was a little curvy brunette masseuse with above average looks who gave me the most intense orgasm ever. Who would have ever thought? In life, when you least expect it, you get pleasantly surprised.

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