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This Saturday Simon
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Outcall only 438-345-8064

Nelly 11ham
5 feet 7 115 pounds 34b brown hair brown eyes
Rate : 220$/h

Flora 1hpm-6hpm

5 feet 6 115 pound 34c black hair and brown eyes
Rate :220$/h

Nina 5hpm
5 feet 4 105 pound 34 34b blond hair with blue eyes
Rate : 200$/h

Sophia 2hpm

5 feet 5 120 pound 34b blond with brown eyes
Rate : 200$/h

Grey 8hpm
5 feet 7 120 pound 34D brown hair and brown eyes
Rate : 200$/h

More to come today i will update the who is on today as soon as i know


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Outcall 438-345-8064

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