dawn lee: yr bedroom nymph
smut & desire, all day long.

stats at a glance

I'm starting a tour of Canada soon and I'll be making my way to Montreal in October 2018. Email me to prebook.

Mid-20s, non-smoker (yes-vaper), all natural, 115 lbs, standing a mere 5í2Ē, daughter of Chinese parents, born in Ontario, located in downtown Toronto in a high-rise suite by Front and Spadina overlooking the lake. Thereís free underground parking and easy access from the Gardiner and by TTC. My Montreal incall rates begin at $300 per hour.

A modern day nymph of the bedroom, youíll find me licking popsicles in the August heat while I bruise my knees thinking of you. Though I find the mind to be the most compelling human feature, I spend as much time cultivating my body as I do my intellect. I have strong legs as smooth as buttermilk (take a lick), with which I go for long, winding runs to my favourite dance playlists. After a particularly rough day, I swim furious laps in the pool downstairs. My thick, natural brown hair grows down my waist and I have defined cheekbones, two dimples that appear when you make me laugh, a small but full mouth begging to be stuffed, a petite, athletic frame with perky, supple tits that fit into your palms, and a tight, peachy bum.

I like crypto-anarchy, individualism, liberty, pleasure, social cinema depicting underrepresented subcultures, post-punk, slurping oysters, sleeping in, omakase, old fashioneds with extra cherries, boutique lingerie, designer heels, leather brogues, silk blouses, black comedy, dirty talk, taking my damned time, creative writing, technology, modernist literature (William Faulkner, Virginia Woolf), photojournalism, and good electronic music that can keep me dancing till dawn.

I have good taste but Iím not pretentious about it. I like to keep up with the Kardashians. I want to know about the newly leaked celebrity sex tapes. I find Donald Trumpís pomposity tremendously, bigly endearing. I donít like social justice warriors. I believe in free market capitalism. I go off the beaten path as often as I can. Iím pretty well-travelled and may be able to accompany you on your trips after we have gotten to know one another. Iím into criminal justice and I root for the underdog with my anarchist streak.

Though I can be the exuberant life of the party, I find myself happy to enjoy my own solitude with a good pot of tea and a book with my cats, writing in my journal, or a one-on-one conversation with someone captivating.

portraits of a nymph

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a closer read

Outside of the bedroom, I did everything I was supposed to. I went to class, I got on the deanís list, I read serious books, I earned prestigious degrees from prestigious universities, I worked in offices and filed paperwork, I told men to fuck off when I felt like they needed to hear it.

You see, I do what feels good, even when it gets me into trouble. I seek pleasure and beauty above all else. With the charm and charisma of a cat, I invite you to ask me my opinion on anything. Over time, youíll get acquainted with my satirical side. As a firm supporter of free speech rights, I believe in the free proliferation of ideas. I like to find out the facts before emoting. I donít take life seriously, and neither should you. Iím not overly sensitive. Political correctness these days can be such a bore. I believe firmly in civil liberties for all, and politically, I identify as a libertarian.

Iím a sought-after companion in Toronto, as past clients can attest to. Iíve collected a plethora of all-star reviews, and the list continues to grow. Iím proud to say Iíve never received a negative review in over two years working intermittently as an escort. This can be attributed to my conscientious awareness of my role as a provider of fantasies and pleasure. My experience in the industry has exposed me to a diverse range of personalities, and I am highly attuned and responsive to different client needs. In many ways, this line of work has always come naturally to me. Seduction was my first tongue.

A sample of what clients have been saying about me:

TheBoy816: "If you read other reviews, many people have said it's like meeting an old friend who you've known for many years. I definitely got that feeling with Dawn. Chemistry flowed naturally and easily. Not only is she amazing in the bedroom, she is also funny, smart, and a great friend. Totally shatters and transcends the GFE/escort illusion. Many times throughout the session I had to remind myself that this isn't a girl I've been dating for years. Go see her for yourself and you'll immediately see why she has so many glowing reviews. Gentlemen, treat her extremely well. She is amazing at what she does and the entire experience is so much fun and positive on every level. Oh, did I mention she's also very beautiful, and her pictures do not do her justice?

Cannot recommend her highly enough. I can't wait to see her again, she is amazing on so many levels. A true 10/10 experience in every way."

tallslimsexy: "I take my shirt and pants off and plunk myself on the edge of her bed while she steps away for a moment. When she reappears, her dress has come off and she is in the nicest, sexiest lingerie I think Iíve ever seen Ė black and sheer, accented with little red bows. She comes up to me and we kiss again as I wrap my arms around her; she is slim and fit but has curvy hips and a plump, perky bum that fits nicely in my hands... I would highly recommend Dawn, especially for an educated person looking for someone attractive and stimulating. For me its really important to have some connection with a woman Iím intimate with. Dawnís personality and intelligence made her so much sexier to me."

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I offer a range of specialized services -- I'm known for my 420-enhanced sessions (weed has always been a big part of my sex life), MFM/MMFs, duos, roleplay/domming, edging, hot tub dates, photographed encounters, etc. Make your session with me a unique one by letting me know about any specific requests you have.

For more information and other multimedia content, visit my blog or my twitter. I'm also a writer, and I blog about my perspectives and experiences on a regular basis. Read my latest posts here.

Take a look at my booking procedures before making contact by email: [email protected]. Do not contact me until you have all details ready. Longer dates are always prioritized. Please do not PM me here to book as I don't check my inbox regularly.