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Thread: Alexis Hope, alternative companion - Book a RdV by Friday to keep my current rates

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    Alexis Hope, alternative companion - Book a RdV by Friday to keep my current rates

    Ethereal, vibrant, dreamy, deliberate; I am a soft cyberpunk time-traveller, an otherworldly being. Athletic, intellectual, shameless; a sharp logical wit seeking a kindred spirit. Fierce, hot-blooded, sensual, seductive; each moment together heavily charged with potential. Let me be your carnal escape.

    With something for every predilection, I delight in shaping each encounter into a creatively new experience. I am an open, tender listener and an eager, empathic lover; I take great pleasure in holding space that is warm and inviting. I’ll be your playful pixie, with a delightful laugh that will ring out in your dreams. The same moment can encompass both profound intimacy and ferocious passion. Mine is a hedonist’s heart.

    My youthful face and form mask a wealth of interesting experience, so don’t be deceived—I have a deliciously dark side, and a vivid taste for dominance with those who would enjoy it.

    With a wicked smile to excite and enthrall, I am your strange fairy-tale creature, an androgynous nymph from an alien world. With soft curves and hard edges and the fire to fuel your hottest fantasies, I promise you this: temptation awaits…

    Enchantingly yours,
    Alexis Hope

    Please see my website for my availability, donations, and many more photos.

    Stats: 5'3" / 100 lbs
    Private & discreet incall in downtown Montreal (Guy-Concordia area)

    This post has now been updated with my new rates for Sept 2018!
    Thank you for all your previous inquiries.

    Incall Massage:
    1h: 200
    1h30: 300

    Incall Companionship:
    1h: 300
    1h30: 400
    2h: 500

    Incall Fetish/kink/BDSM:
    1h: 300
    1h30: 450
    2h: 600

    Outcall: +50 to downtown hotels

    Please see here for my detailed schedule.

    To reach me:
    contact form (best)
    [email protected] (preferred)
    514-704-1765 (text only)


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    I'm available from 1 to 5 pm today at my downtown incall, near Guy-Concordia metro. Come say hello, and so much more... Xox

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