I know this has nothing to do on an escort review site but I wanted to express my amazement about the beautiful show I saw last night. Anyone else saw it?

How can I describe it? A superb blend of music, multimedia, and beautiful human bodies pushing their limits and doing things that look almost impossible. The storyline is a little weird at first: It's someone's dreams. It allowed the creation of all kinds of fantasies and at the beginning of the show, one look at it, tries to understand, and all the actors look sillier than the other. The show evolves as little parts of that dream, each one being a new experience, sometime inside the body, sometime in the water, sometimes in space, and more. The beauty of the whole show is breathtaking, not only in what the actors are doing in front of you but also when looking at it as a whole, the perfect synchronism between the actors, the music, the multimedia content, EVERYTHING! The guys (and/or girls) who designed this are geniuses!

The performance of some of the actors was also phenomenal, each defying the laws of gravity and/or showing perfect control of hundreds of muscles all at the same time.

Some parts of the show were quite sexy. Some actors reminded me of women (and SPs) I saw in the past, while others were simply sooooooo sensual! The girl playing with 1, 2...10 rings and oscillating all of her body to keep the rings in suspension by their rotating movements.... Hmmmmmm! And the girl with black and red hair doing her movements suspended above the scene, reminding me Gia of CF. What a beautiful sight!

But women also had a lot to look at. Some of the men's figures were as breathtaking as the women's one. Even while being a men myself I could still feel the sexiness of some of their figures.

No wonder the Cirque du Soleil is so renowned around the world!