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Thread: Samantha needs new rating

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    Wink Samantha needs new rating

    Sorry I cannot call her "Samy" guys. Once had a dog Sammy. Miss Samantha may be carnivorous, but she is certainly NOT canine.

    Samantha gave me a cutesy nickname and so now I must return the favor to her.

    I had to come up with a new rating scale by which to consider Ms Samantha. I call it the
    Div-Dev factor.

    "Div" as in divinely blessed in body and mind and spirit and energy.
    "Dev" as in devilish in her intents and talents and playful nature.

    Probably not many true DivDevs out there, but Miss Samantha you are the first for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by sundance
    Once had a dog Sammy.
    This is so funny, because my all time favorite dog was a Yorkie named Sammy, but I would never confuse that dog with the lady known as Samy.

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