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Thread: AOL, internet for jerks

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    AOL, internet for jerks

    Anyone had this same experience? Eons ago, when I had AOL, I had a similar experience trying to cancel my account. Counting hold time, it took me about 45 minutes to cancel. Thank Christ for speaker phone. The company claims this was an isolated incident, but this is their tactic to keep people from cancelling. All their reps act this way, albeit most are a little less truculent.

    In my case, I very patiently waited on hold for almost a half hour. While they were on speaker phone, I went and cooked dinner, or did something in the other room, I think. I then patiently kept saying no as they kept hounding me and trying to trick me into keeping the account. When it became apparent that I was going to say no to whatever the rep asked, she actually asked a question in such a manner that by saying no, I would be continuing my account on a trial basis.

    Here's the link...the phone call is the first one on the page. There are some other interesting calls here, too.
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    Bell/sympatico are no angels either. They insisted I make 2 calls with lots of being put on hold to cancel each of their services. A month after the cancellation was effected, despite the long notice I had given them, I discovered that they were still debiting my credit card.

    It took an hour on the phone to extract promises to stop. It is apparently not company policy to make refunds to credit cards so I will have to wait another couple of months to get my money back.

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    I did not have problems with Bell Sympatico, but I did have problems with Sprint.

    I had my phone and internet with Sprint. When I was ready to move I had to notify them. Their monthly statements for the last few months has an insert saying that I could move all my services on their internet site. I called them to allert them of my move and while on hold they had a recording telling me that I could go to their internet site to inform them of the move. So after getting fed up of being on hold, I went to their internet site.

    Come moving day, no phone. The day after, no phone. So I called from work. After being on hold for close to an hour I was told they never received the notice and my confirmation number did not exist. The line was still connected at my old appartment. More over they told me it would take two weeks to get it transfered and since it was still connected at the old address to prevent the new tenenants from running up a bill with long distance and "pay" numbers I could pay X$.

    I was furious! I wanted to speak with a manager. (Hahaha) I was told he would call me at my home number, the next day between 9 and 5, yeah right. I gave my work number (I was not suppoosed to receive personal calls at work at all) Next day no call, so the day after I called again. Finally I manage to cancel my account and switch back to Bell.

    Several months later, maybe a year, a friend of mine who worked for Sprint came across my account and contacted me to tell me that my account had been sent to a collection agancy! They never cancelled my internet, kept sending invoices to my old address (I can'y count how many times they had asked for the new one when they were supposedy trying to keep my business) and when I paid the invoices they sent my account to a collection agency! That was fun trying to clean up on my credit!

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