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Thread: best hotels????

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    best hotels????

    what are the best escort tolerant hotels?

    has anyone stayed at or tried the four points(sheraton) hotel on sherbrooke ave.

    or l'appartement hotel on sherbrooke ave.????

    are these good hotels????

    has anyone stayed at holiday inn midtown on sherbooke ave.?

    i heard that the best hotels were on sherbrooke ave.

    can anyone reccomend any other decent hotels(no rundown hotels)?????/

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    Smile hotel

    Holliday Inn
    Sheraton 4 Point
    These 3 hotel is on sherbrook sreet corner Parc Avenue


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    I was just at the Novotel. It was a pain in the ass to have to let the girl in while you are trying to get ready. I will not stay there again exactly for this reason.

    Along the lines of sp-friendly hotel near the vicinity of Sherbrooke and Parc AVe., I can't imagine a more sp-friendly hotel than the Quality Hotel on Parc Ave.

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    Quality Hotel on Parc at Sherbrooke is nice and clean and hassle free.
    most of the year you can get rates around $C 89 - 99, and if you ask nice at check in for a King size room they should upgrade you. sometimes they charge more for kingsize rooms but sometimes depending on how busy etc they may give it at same rate.
    King size rooms are corner rooms with nicer furnishings.
    free local calls.
    only problem is dial up access only for internet, and the hotel phone system somehow results in slower connection speeds, ie 26 k

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