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Thread: Supreme Court rules against White House policy on Guantanamo

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    Supreme Court rules against White House policy on Guantanamo

    The supreme court has just ruled that the White House cannot use it's current model of military tribunals for terror detainees in Guantanamo. I don't think the White House expected to win this one, but it's going to be interesting to see where we go from here. They don't want to set them free, and nor do they have to, but it looks like they may have to go trial. They've said they don't want to do this because of fear of releasing sensitive information on Al-Qaeda.
    I was wrong before though, they can still use a military trial, just not a tribunal. Essentially the ruling is that the administration has to follow the Geneva convention.

    Congress may have to get involved, and that could make this a big mess. Expect lots of posturing from both sides.

    My question is DOES Al-Qaeda have Geneva convention protection? They're not a country, they don't adhere to the Geneva convention themselves, and we have no treaty with them...???
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    Playing by the rules

    I do have to agree with the court decision on this one. GW Bush want to provide a more secure America and I think he is doing an admirable job at this. But we are the "good" guys we need to adhere to the rules that govern our country and the western world. I understand his fear of release these people. But the rules are very specific and it's pretty cut and dry. We need to either charge them for a crime that they commit and give them a fair trial with the Jury i.e Court Marshal, etc... find out if they are guilty or innocent and set the terms of punishment or innocent accordingly. GW does not have the power to keep a person indefinately with no charges because he feels that they may or may not be a danger of this country. This is why America is such a great country we have the check and balance system that allows each branch to check and balance the others. As far as the Geneva convention I think we need to adhere by the rules because we need to lead by example. This will make our job much tougher but that is why we are the good guys. To win at anything in life, by the rules, is much sweeter than cheating or by bending the rules. As for Al-Qaida they dont because in their mind they do not follow any authority other than Mohammed himself. So the Geneva convention doesnt applied to them unless when they are being captured of course. ( Again the hyporcracy of these people.)
    Frankly if we declare a detainnee guilty we can deport them back and demand that the country he is from to take neccessary measures for his crime I will guarantee you country like Saudi Arabia, Jordan and such will execute these guys. ( OF course this will much angers the liberals group, even if they are found guilty.)

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