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Thread: Canada Day

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    Canada Day

    Happy Canada Day to ALL out there !

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    Happy Canada Day

    Thanks SL and hope you and everyone in Montreal and eleswhere have
    a safe and enjoyable one too.


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    Happy Canada day and ... moving day!
    Fun to those who will go on party,
    patience to the those who are moving
    and good luck to those who will do both!
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    Oh Canada!

    Happy Canada Day to all my friends north of the border! Enjoy and be safe!
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    Happy Canada Day to everyone and to those who are moving I hope the beer is cold and the pizza and ladies are hot!

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    StripperLover, Happy Canada Day to you and to all my other friends in the Great White North.
    Wish I was up at Cleo's to buy a round of drinks for my MERB friends to celebrate. Enjoy the long weekend.
    Thanks to all the people I have met so far over the years, for always making me feel welcome whenever I visit Montreal.

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    Invented in Canada

    Imagine a world with nothing but buttons. Then, thank goodness for the crafty Canadians who invented both the zipper, not to mention a long list of other essentials that would be impossible to live without. Here is but a small sampling of Canuck ingenuity at work.

    • The Abdominizer
    • Air hockey: Naturally.
    • Antigravity suit
    • Basketball: Invented by James Naismith, of Ontario.
    • Canadarm: Cleverly named to ensure the proper country received credit, this fifteen-metre Remote Manipulator System is an essential tool on the space shuttle and brings the maple leaf logo to alien life forms everywhere.
    • Chocolate bar: A fishing trip prompted chocolatiers Arthur Ganong and George Ensor to invent a chocolate nut bar which they began selling in New Brunswick in 1910.
    • Dental mirror
    • Documentary film: Canada's Nanook of the North (1922) was the first film ever termed a "documentary." And perhaps, the first film that ever offered you a much-need nap in grade school.
    • Frozen fish fillets: Believe it or not, it took until 1929 before someone -- namely Dr. Archibald G. Huntsman -- had the brilliant idea to sell "Ice Fillets" to the public. Alberta housewives celebrate by bringing trout in off the back porch.
    • Fuller Brush Company: Mr. Fuller, the father of door-to-door sales, was born in Nova Scotia.
    • Ginger Ale: Invented in 1904 by University of Toronto chemist and pharmacist John J. McLaughlin, his "Pale Dry Ginger Ale," featuring a beaver sitting atop a map of Canada on every can, was the predecessor to Canada Dry, still the "champagne of ginger ales" and the perfect partner to Canadian whiskey.
    • Plastic garbage bags
    • Goalie mask: Naturally.
    • Hydrofoil boat
    • Ice hockey: The first recorded game took place on Christmas Day, 1855, in Kingston, Ontario, when bored members of the Royal Canadian Rifles tied blades to their boots, borrowed field hockey sticks and a lacrosse ball, and hit the frozen harbor. Appropriately, the International Hockey Hall of Fame is located in Kingston.
    • IMAX movie system
    • Instant mashed potatoes: As of 1962, spud-loving campers everywhere notice a significant lightening of their backpacks.
    • Insulin: Isolated by Canadians to treat diabetes.
    • JAVA programming language
    • Jet Ski
    • Jolly Jumper: An essential parenting tool, this "helpful harness" hooks on a door frame and lets active babies bounce for hours without spilling their parents' Caesars.
    • Lacrosse: Originally played by the Algonquian Indian tribes in Canada's St. Lawrence Valley (who considered it a religious rite and warrior training), lacrosse is North America's oldest organized sport. The Lacrosse Hall of Fame is in B.C.
    • Lawn sprinkler
    • Light bulb: Contrary to many history lessons, the first electric light bulb lamp was patented by Toronto med student Henry Woodward, who in 1875 sold a share in the patent to an American (and son of a Canadian ex-pat) named Thomas Edison, who obviously ran with it.
    • Paint roller
    • Prosthetic hand
    • Snowmobile
    • Snowplough: Note the proper spelling
    • Snowblower
    • Short-wave radio
    • Square-head ("Robertson") screwdriver
    • Standard time: Though critics dubbed it "against the will of God" in 1879, Canadian Sir Sanford Fleming introduced the concept of international standard time zones. Today, British relatives still call way too early on Sunday mornings.
    • Superman: The world's most famous superhero -- and ironically, enduring symbol of American strength -- was co-created by Canadian Joe Shuster and American Jerome Siegel.
    • Telephone: Debate about which country can claim the phone still rages, as Alexander Graham Bell moved from Canada to the states while actively working on it. Diplomatically, he said at the time, "The telephone was conceived in Brantford (Ontario) in 1874 and born in Boston in 1875." Canada: happy to be the land of conception.
    • Trivial Pursuit (as well as Scruples, Balderdash, Pictionary, and Yachtzee): Q: Does cold weather breed multimillion-selling board games? A: Looks like it, eh?
    • YMCA: The first one opened in Montreal in 1951, the second in Boston a month later.
    • Zamboni: You know, those things that smooth the ice in skating rinks.

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    Happy Hanuka... Canucka??? Ok, ok, happy Canada Day to all!

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