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Thread: 4th of July Smoking Gun style...

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    4th of July Smoking Gun style...

    I had to share this with everyone. The smoking gun site put up a page with stripper mug shots....

    JUNE 30--Baseball. Hot dogs. Apple pie. Lap dances. Is there anything more American? Heading into the long Fourth of July weekend, TSG salutes the country's hard-working strippers, who are now regularly being arrested for the most victimless of crimes (prostitution, indecent exposure, etc.). As you peruse the mug shots of these persecuted pole dancers, don't forget that you're actually staring into the face of what makes this country so great. Happy Independence Day, indeed. (30 pages)
    The expression on some of their faces is priceless. Some of them are being charged with prostitution and are smiling like it's for their prom picture.
    Out of all the pics, I don't think there's one girl that would make money in a
    Mtl. club

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    I think #s 1, 19, and 25 are the hottest. I like how #13 is giving the finger.

    Most of those busts took place in Pasco County, FL. Gulf coast Florida strip joints are infamous for their raunchiness and the Sheriff, because of complaints or politics, decided to clean things up. Unfortunately, that's how things go in the USA.

    The girls are probably smiling because they know the charges are BS, most of the cases have a good chance of getting dropped or thrown out of court, most of the girls will be ROR, and this is their chance to act rebellious. The arrests get the media attention, the cops look like they're doing something, the citizens think that something is being done, and the actual charges silently go away. And hopefully, a night in the pokie will scare the girls into less contact with the customers.

    Of course, what any of this has to do with catching murderers, rapists, terrorists, and real criminals is anyone's guess. *sigh* When's my next trip to Montreal?

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    WHOA !

    ya, #4...................SHE's a MAN Baby !

    ok, #10.....either She's from That Terminator Movie, OR, she's been Smacked !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert 21
    WHOA !

    ya, #4...................SHE's a MAN Baby !

    ok, #10.....either She's from That Terminator Movie, OR, she's been Smacked !
    OMG, I was with that SP! Just kidding.

    Thanks for this Techman, TSG is great.
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    Check out number three and take notice of the "charge" against her.
    Some genius with a badge at the station spelled PROSTITUTION, "PROSUTITION". Where was this bust, Alabama?
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    Quote Originally Posted by HonestAbe
    Check out number three and take notice of the "charge" against her.
    Some genius with a badge at the station spelled PROSTITUTION, "PROSUTITION". Where was this bust, Alabama?
    Tampa, specifically, Pasco County Sheriff's Office.

    Here's the original bust:

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    Look at the sheets not all of these women were busted for prostitution, some for drug posession, others exposure of breasts...

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    FEBRUARY 3--Florida investigators yesterday returned to the scene of the grind, arresting more than two dozen strippers in an undercover investigation. According to the Pasco County Sheriff's Office, the dancers were allegedly involved in a variety of criminal activities, including cocaine peddling, prostitution, lewdness, exposure of sexual organs, and the improper solicitation of alcohol sales. The strippers, who were nabbed late last night and early this morning, worked at seven Tampa-area clubs: Lollipops; Calendar Girls; Vegas Showgirls; Brass Flamingo; Bare Assets; Foxy Lady; and Club Extasy. Last July, dancers at five of those clubs were arrested as part of a lunchtime sting operation. Below you will find mug shots of 25 strippers arrested as part of the latest Pasco County probe, which involved undercover officers infiltrating the joints and, in some instances, receiving lap dances that, um, rubbed the cops the wrong way. According to criminal complaints, of the 25 women arrested, 23 (or 92 percent) were inked, including one woman who had a "Daddy's Girl" tattoo on the back of one shoulder. (25 pages)
    What the hell is improper solicitation of alcohol sales? Lewdness and exposure of sex organs...they're strippers! What are they supposed to be doing if not that? Don't cops have real criminals to go and bust?

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